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What Is Maltodextrose?

Ok, Now before people jump on my back about how many other threads there are on dextrose etc. My question was this, What the HELL is Maltodextrose??? I know what Dextrose is and I know what Maltodextrine is. Now in all my searches on the web alot of people think Maltodextrine and Maltodextrose is the same product just different ways of calling it…

But YET one of the stores i buy supplements from sells Dextrose, Maltodextrine AND Maltodextrose in different containers… so i was trying to figure out if i should buy all 3 or if maybe Maltodextrose is a combo of dextrose and Maltodextrine or… ?

Hmm, I don’t know. Any love on Wikipedia or some other reference site?

Maybe just a marketing scheme to get you to buy all 3?

seriously, i thought they were the same thing.

I’d say don’t sweat it. Just buy the Malto and some Dextrose and mix them appropriately.

Forget Maltodextrose or whatever the hell it is…

Stay with the tried and true.

In my experience, Maltodextrose is a solution which basically is spray dried to create maltodextin. If you were to purchase maltodextrose which would be usually (commercial use) a mixture of different carbohydrate polymers it would be to either spray dry or use in food manufacture where some kind of final processing would emilinate the possiblity of microbial load. If it was not being spray dried it would either contain a load of preservatives or be particularly acidic and resist microbial growth to a certain extent.


Big maltodextrin talk there…

Also remember that because the maltodextrins consist of a mixture of polymer lengths (usually varying sources of raw material), the DE (dextrose equivalence, effecting insulin response) is an average value.