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What is Living in UAE Like?

I’m thinking about moving to the United Arab Emirates, I was thinking Abu Dhabi. My grandpa has an apartment there, I’ve never went to visit, but he is willing to let me live there for only 1000AED, about 300 dollars a month. Has anybody lived there before, and if so what was your expierence?

It’s hard to find a job in the Emirates. I was on a tourist trip. I was talking to the guide. If you don’t have citizenship then work hard.

My life became better financially due to my long service in Dubai U.A.E. I have completed 35 years in Dubai and I consider Dubai as my second home. I want to say that life in Dubai is neither bed of roses nor a bed of thorns. But the life in Dubai teaches you how to respect yourself and others. Dubai has almost all the nationalities expats are living and working safely.

For the majority of the year, the UAE has very nice and enjoyable weather, blue skies and loads of sun, perfect for beach days and al fresco dining, during the winter months, the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. mybkexperience mcdvoice