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What is L-Tyrosine?

Someone HELP!!! I’m looking into supplements, and i just want to know what it is and what it does. Thanks for any help i recieve.

It’s an ingredient in Power Drive, for one. Check out this article for more info:

it’s an amino acid


A non essential amino acid (ie it can be made in the body from other aminos and not needed in the diet). Most noted for its role in catecholamine and dopamine production. It may also antagonize the effects of tryptophan reducing tryptophan?s flat, drowsy feeling. These two aspects make it a perfect pre-workout product. Taken in gram doses (1-3g) one can find a better focus often small but noticeable strength gains. I believe this effect may actually get better the more you take it (other people would disagree) and is a definite recommendation for drug tested athletes that require intense or prolonged mental focus. Tyrosine also seem to be beneficial when stacks with thermogenic supplements. Most thermo?s stimulate the production of catecholamines and providing tyrosine with the thermo seems to give a better result in terms of focus and reducing the tachyphylaxis (diminishing effects with continued use) over long term supplementation.

This makes it a very good supplement for dieting bodybuilders who require increased mental focus when on Low Carb diets, and often a taking large doses of thermo?s for extended periods on end.

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