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what is John Berardi's degree in?

I’m not typing this sarcastically, so please don’t take it as such,but, what exactly is Dr. Berardi’s degree in? I’m going to attend college in the fall for a business management major(what can I say, my goal in life is to own a gym and I want to know how to run it)and want to continue with my education so that I will be knowledgeable in every nuance of the body’s systems and ,essentially, be the know all guru at the gym. I appreciate your time

I have no idea about John Berardi’s education, however, after having graduated, I see a much greater need for business skills in many different professions. I think you should consider adding biology as a minor though considering the need for it in understanding how the body works. You may change your goals later on possibly to physical therapy or some other endeavor and I definitely see a need for anyone who is trying to be a personal trainer or even a better bodybuilder.

Many of great businessman have expressed opinions that a business education (excluding accounting) is worthless versus getting a loan a starting a business. The latter supposedly provides a much better understanding of business. Berardi studied biochemistry and maybe something else too. Choose a major which will stimulate your intellect and force you to more lucidly understand arguments, inferences, and deductions. I began an accounting major, changed during spring semester of my junior year. If I was an incoming freshman now, I would choose either biochemistry or physics and philosphy. Just my two cents.

I believe JB’s degree is in Kineisiology (not sure from what school, or if it’s Kine for sure) with him having completed a masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrirional Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontarion. He has a bio at the bottom of each of his early articles outlining this.

Also, I believe he’s still a Ph. D candidate, and hasn’t yet received his doctorate. If he has, congratulations, John.

Now I have to go, this is cutting into my stalking time… JB, where are you?

I don’t believe John obtained his Masters from Western (I’m thinking eastern michigan though he has been to 3 or 4 other institutions along his way), however, he is attending UWO now and is finishing up his PhD. I feel like an ass but I don’t recall what his Bsc is from but I know he has a second degree in psych (I think he even obtained his psych degree first).

If you really want to know how to run a gym or any other business I would say 4 years of college is not the best way to learn how to do that. Most entrepreneurial types are typically not strong scholastic types and vice versa. In fact I would say you could probably learn more about business in 1 year studying on your own than you could in 5 years in any college so if this is something you really want to do than just do it and don’t think you have to spend 4-5 years of your life getting ready to do it.

Education never hurts. Entrepreneurs tend to be generalists, but not always. Highly skilled specialists who got good grades in college have no problem getting a job and end up working for the entrepreneur who more often, but not always, had less luck, or interest, in school.

Surprisingly money has little to do with success, and can actually be a hindrance. People with lots of cash at their disposal tend to finance out their problems while those without have to come up with creative solutions.

Stick to a specialized major barbender. general management is too general. If you’re planning on running/owning a business, finance or accounting is much more usefull. You can get “touchy feely” acumen from life, no need to take numerous redundant management or marketing classes. Again, as someone said, entrenpeneurs are natural generalists. They don’t get it from school. Get yourself some usefull tools, and stay observant in the world and you’ll have all you need…

I think Berardi’s current studies are exercise physiology, no?

Wow, all this conversation about little ol’ me.

Acutally, the reason I've chimed in is to tease you a little bit.

All the questions you asked will be answered on my web site (www.johnberardi.com) which launches tonight (around the same time T-mag will be updated).

Check out my bio to get a glimpse into my educational path.

And check out the Q and A section in my articles link. All of the 70+ articles are indexed and a short summary of each is listed below the title. Also there is a search engine to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Specifically, one of the Q and A's addresses my suggestions for education in this field (it's a Gang of Five).

If you're so inclined, give us some feedback on the site design and what it offers either here or at the "info" address at the site.

To address your question specifically…

One other thing that I always recommend is going to University with 1 thing in mind...Education.

Most students go to university with the job that they want as the end. Therefore they’re always forward looking. This is the worst way to begin university and the worst way to live your life. In doing so, they forget to learn for the sake of learning, live for the sake of living, and forget to realize that not everything they learn will help out their career but it will help them out as a person (and becoming a solid, well educated, creative, objective person is what it takes to succeed).

I think this might be another topic for the Large Professor to address (you'll see what I mean tonite at my web site).

Your goals may change a dozen times before you finally choose a vocation. And once you do choose a path, that may change a dozen times. In the interm, you might as well learn everything you can and learn how to learn.

One more thing for barbender.

To become the "know all guru" who is "knowledgable in every nuance of the body's systems" AND a successful businessman, owning and operating a successful gym (which is almost an oxymoron) is a big challenge.

We live in a world of specialization, meaning that the pace we are forced to operate at only allows complete mastery of a few topics or pursuits.

Running a successful gym is a big project.

Becoming a know all guru is also one.

(Suggestion...(and this is not intended to be sarcastic or harsh)...I would choose some other phrasology...I know alot of "know all gurus" and what they really are is "dont know shit gurus". Anyone who claims to "know all" doesnt know one thing ... "no one knows all".)

John, I agree with you completely. College isn’t just about running through four years in order to get degree. I can honestly say that college was the best time of my life as far as learning and basically living life while I finished growing up. I learned more outside of class than I ever did in, but that doesn’t take away all that I learned in my major and minor. Everything I have ever learned in my life has had a use regardless of how useless I thought the info was at first. The last thing anyone should do is look at it as wasting time. Sometimes, I wish I could “waste time” like that the rest of my life. One thing is solid, however, most people do not understand their own bodies, which doesn’t make much sense considering you live in it for an entire life time. Regardless of what you finally major in, I would actually attend the classes that deal with biology and chemistry. I don’t think you can ever learn too much.

LIFE is a learning experience. If you were to “know it all” - why exist? IMO, a college degree is not the “end result” but it signifies the beginning of a career - a whole new level of experience to learn and gain experience with.

As an artist, I observe everthing and am always learning new techniques to help "tweak" my work to a new level. As a bodybuilder, I'm always learning new things - especially on this forum and on T-Mag in general. Afterall, the human body changes and adapts - you have to learn ways to also change and adapt right along with your body. As Prof X. stated: "you can never learn too much."

I mean that’s most likely the best thing for you to do, considering your primary objective. Get a management/administrative position in a corporate or national chain health club. Learn the day to day business, learn what to do and what not to do. Patricia :slight_smile: