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What is it with Egypt and Reporters?


Another day, another female reporter gang raped in Tahrir Square in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people. Well at least we can rely on Morsi and the Brotherhood to bring an end to this sort of stuff right?

'Five men attacked the 22-year-old Dutch woman in Tahrir Square, Cairo, leaving her in a "severe condition" and needing surgery.

Reports also claimed a grandmother and a seven-year-old child were sexually assaulted.'



Well, they just had a coup in Egypt, so now what? Are they going in a more radical or more secular direction?


Secular. The Egyptian Army is quite professional an studiously secular.

While one would normally think of a military coup as a bad thing, this was OK.

Interestingly, while the phenomina of calling Obama a muslim is a fringe right-wing nutjob thing in the USA, in Eqypt, Obama is hated and called an "Islamist" by the easy majority of secularlists and people of the left because of his [Obama'] inexplicable support for the Islamists in Eqypt, Libyia, and Syria.

Regardless, happy for the people of Eqypt, especially the Copts who were getting murdered.




(I've started a new thread about the Army and Egypt).



In Islam women are considered as property, so why not rape them. The highest population of rape internet porn searches come from Islamist leaning countries.

They will do nothing about it.


Hope you're right, the reporting about it somehow manages to leave you with no real information. The president is out and there are people in the streets, that's about the state of it. Guess people weren't really fond of the mulsim brotherhood after all.


Last year too. Any reporter going to Egypt this year was forewarned or didn't do her due diligence before agreeing to travel to Egypt. Its horrible and bad.. but I can't help but feel like she.. went in there knowing very well what would happen to her if she went there. Its all evil regardless, 44 other rapes that night as well.

Its horrible ~ and the people that told her to go or authorized her to go? Need to be fired from their jobs. I don't want to imagine how bad it was. The India bus rape was bad enough.

I don't understand why people think Egypt is like your average European country or the States.

I'd just think that if a girl was going to go there naively from Europe - she'd have a security from a private group ~ and maintained her distance to ensure every precaution.


I agree that the Egyptian military coup waas "good" as far as military coups go.

However, some things to consider:

  • Morsi's supporters. Whilst the Army had the Brotherhood leaders in dungeons for a century they now have proven popular support, regular clashes with the "moderates" and now that Morsi's dictatorship lacks military support it looks like the Brotherhood will use affiliated groups to commit acts of terrorism against the government(funded/trained/unleashed by other states, possibly just with the intention of destabilising the government,) whilst keeping layers of distance/deniability from these groups. They've(the Brotherhood) waited and survived a century for power and they're not just going to hand it over because the military doesm't support them.

  • The Egyptian military doesn't have the same sort of secular history that the Turkish military has. Basically they(Egyptian military) realise that right now their best bet is to keep getting Western money and military support, however their ultimate aim is clearly Israel; The Sinai their stepping stone. Who just killed several dozen Israeli border guards? Must have been one of those terrorist groups in the Sinai that the military can't control. In the same way the Pakistanis can't control the Afghan Taliban.

  • How will the hardliners of Egypt react to going back to a military dictatorship that won't confront Israel(yet)?

  • Is there an Islamic faction in the military? It Zawahiri's unit that killed the president during a military parade as I'm sure you know.

These are just some of the complications that come to mind. I'm sure you know a great deal more than me on the subject and I'm interested in your take.

EDIT: THey(the Islamists) have safe haven in the Sudan of course which is where much of Saddam's non-existent chem/bio weapons ended up via Syria.