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What is It? Pic. Included.

ive got some thai phoenix tabs. (well suppose to be) what are they? anavar or turanabol? they are white/and square. t p on one side and 10 on the other. theres a slit down the middle seperating the t and the p. please help identify…

They literally could be anything. 10mg is such a common tablet dose for so many orals. When you say you got them how did you get them? Did you order var and get this stuff? Or did someone merely give you some tabs? If so what did they say they are?

i ordered var and t-bol… both of which were suppose to be thai phoenix. they came in two hand sealed bags. one labled ox–the other labled t-bol. all the tabs are the same though. i think t p d-bol is pink–t-bol is purple–and var is white, but iam not sure…iam needing help identifing. got to know what i have…no pic.s of their t-bol anywhere on the web. cant get a reply from where i ordered. (of course)…what do ya think?