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What is it about Oatmeal and Bodybuilders?

Why is it that Bodybuilders and athletes in general eat Oatmeal for breakfast?
For example why not Oat Bran? Its lower in calories, higher in protein, higher in dietry fibre and lower in fat.
Its just something that has always intrigued me.

I love oatmeal, that is why I eat it every morning but I also like that fact the it has complex carbs. That is why a lot of people eat it.

Hi Slaine-- oat bran is almost completely indigestable, which is why it is such a good source of fiber. So if you think you’re getting any nutritional from it…you’re not!

It tastes good and easy to make. Just throw two single serving packets in a bowl, mix with milk, put in the microwave, and in less than two minutes you have a pretty good breakfast.

Gee… I thought it was because it’s loaded with phyto-estrogens, it helps them get in touch with there feminine side

On the topic of oatmeal … in case you aren’t
aware of this, oatmeal has naturally occuring
opiod compounds in them. So oatmeal can make
you “feel good” because these naturally
occuring opiod compounds can bind to human
endorphin/opiod receptors. This has been
demonstrated in studies. Some people are more
sensitive to this than others, and the most
sensitive people can actually become “oatmeal
junkies” - addicted to oatmeal - along the
severity of caffeine addiction. Also, there
is no research to back this up; this is
just my speculation, but we know that opiod
drugs suppress cortisol production, so I
suspect that oatmeal might also have a slight
effect in this regard.

Any bran product is good if you need a good source of fiber in your diet, it will definitely help keep the pipes clean. Bran however does not offer a very good source of complex carbs to fuel your body. If you are counting plant protiens as part of you daily protien intake you are cheating yourself, plant protiens are not self contained with all of the essential amino acid like the animal protien sources. Animal protiens are the only sources you should count towards your total daily protien intake for muscle gains.

Researcher, i understand that animal proteins are the only proteins that matter, but when eating oatmeal or oat bran you eat it with milk which provides those missing amino acids.

For example if you are eating pasta then the protein is useless, however if you eat pasta with chicken meat in it then that meat provides those missing amino’s.

Need Help!!!, I totally agree with you, however in the post that SLAINE made it appears that he was talking about the protien that was contained in the oat bran as compared to oatmeal. If you add whole protien (animal) to a plant protien the yes you can count the animal protien, not the plant protien.

I changed my name from Need Help!!! to SLAINE.

I doubt many bodybuilders eat oat meal for breakfast. The word beakfast apparently comes from break fast, ie most people fast all night. If you fasted, you nead a large high protein high fat meal like steak and eggs first thing to break the fast and reverse the catabolism. Also try to eat in the middle of the night, if you drink enough water you should wake up naturally. You must eat every 3 hours. Every meal must have at least 40 grams of protein. High carb low protein meals like cereal and pasta without meat are for wimps!