What is Inspirational?

i was clickin around and found the trailer for Peaceful Warrior. It looked interesting and found out it was based on a book, so I went to the bookstore and found it in the self-help section (next to body-for-life :P) so I bought it, took it home and sat in the yard to rad it. It took three hours. I’m not an overly pessemistic guy, nor am I depressed but does it say something about me or contemporary cultuer that I was looking for some inspiration?

The book was terrible, I kept hearing my voice over and over going ‘damn juggernaut bitch - i can write better than this’. I took it back the next day and got my mula back, the first time in my life I haev ever returned a book.

Its left a nasty taste in my mouth tho - I remember 6 months ago after finishing four hours of planning what I was going to lift and when, which foods, which suplements and having inspired myself, feeling so great, so amazing that I couldn;t wait to get it started.

I remember watching the fox documentary special on bruce lee’s life and feeing inspired from that, I remember our kyokushin sensei singling me out to teach the others how to do the katas and walking home floating three iches from the pavement. I rmemeber watching american beauty, reading fountainhead, reading lords of discipline and feeling inspired.

what / who? inspires you? more and mroe these days it seems like a person would have to look inwards to inspire himself.

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forgive the spelling mistakes.

When I look inward, all I find is a sinner. The natural me is proud, greedy, lustful and deceitful. I don’t know of a single person who does not have faults like these. This earth is fallen.

I know that Bibles are illegal in mainland China, but I imagine they can be found in Hong Kong. Am I right? If you are truly searching get a hold of a Bible and read the Gospel of John.

As an interesting side note, the Government of China has been powerless to stop the Word of God from spreading. It is estimated that there are over 100 million born again Christians in China, most of whom were saved in recent years.

oook…i dont think the earth is fallen yet. as for china, i am in the mainland (there’s no T-Nation option for mainland china so i stuck in hk instead).

bibles aren’t illegal here, there are a lot of christians here however you can’t go to a church service with people who dont have the same passport as you which sucks so my gf and i cant go to the same church and there is an alarming number of underground churches;

i guess when i said inwards, I meant that its seems more likely a person would have to rely on himself and the things he does to become inspired rather than inspire himself. dont really believe we are inherently sinful, we have a choice and its the deliberate making of those choices that leads us to inspire and be inspired. anyway, just me thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to look inwards more often for the inspiration I need to make it through the day and acomplish what I deem important to me, as my future asperations and values keep me on track for my general life schedual of “what I want to accomplish”. But outside forces tend to restablish my inward ones when I start to slip away from my goals. There’s nothing like hearing “suck it up” in one way or another to reach new levels of ability; one of the many reasons I like T-Nation so much (especially Shugart’s blog).

Interacting with people is always a big factor for me too though, whether their struggles and overcomings give you new strength, or their laziness or weaknesses help you strive to be better or help others who have strayed off the path of self-improvement.

Basically, living life is enough inspiration for me to try to do it to the fullest, and I think if more people were to look at life as a challenge and see the possibilities of the journey, they would have all the inspiration they need (but I don’t like playing the preacher so if you disagree, take it as what it is, an opinion).

By the way, is english your first language? (and if it is, no worries man, it’s still better than most people I know)

It isn’t BALBOS.

ah crap, yeah english is my first language, i teach english here, i was standing in a net bar without a chair with my buddies outside screaming at me to come out and everyone else in the net bar looking at me wonderig why they were screaming at me hence the superfasttyping a dubious mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your post, you made some valid points (“suck it up”) it gave me something to think about