What is Human?

The definition of human life changes for people when they learn more about life. Right now we are living in a time of change, when people are learning the Truth about what human life is and when it begins.

That is absolutely disgusting. I feel like most of the people who support the practice of abortion have no idea what actually goes into one.

Most liberals like and some even rejoice in the murder of the unborn. Of course they were not aborted so they are free to speak of their hatred of those mutilated before birth. I don’t see many of these vile creatures waiting to end their own lives though. A good dismemberment of a few might change the views of some.

I am glad you two agree and are willing to simply post your stance.

Here is something more that can be done. - Sign petition: Congress Must Ban Abortions Because Babies Feel Intense Pain · GoPetition.com - By simply signing a petition I am not dumb enough to think Roe v. Wade will be overturned tonight. Like Barry would do anything to save a child. shakes head Yet I know signing the petition will scare the pro-death crowd and maybe it will be a step closer in actually overturning the junk debate of Roe v. Wade.