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What is HIIT-qualified?

In this week’s roundtable, Don Alessi said that a “HIIT-qualified” person is, among other things, under the age of 35. Now, I agree that a person with heart-related issues should probably avoid HIIT. But why would a healthy person over the age of 35 need to worry? Does this mean I need to stop doing HIIT next year when I turn 36 and start walking around the block with the old ladies? Don’t worry - I don’t plan on it.

I’m with you. 36 in a month and I’m still out there sprinting 3 times a week.

Long may it continue.

I have a feeling DA was referring to beginners, not to experienced athletes. I can see wanting someone over 35 to take a stress test before starting him or her on a HIIT protocol. The fact that the average 37-year-old couch potato is in no condition to start interval work without building up to it shouldn’t stop any conditioned athletes of the same age from doing it. Otherwise, Jerry Rice and Darrell Green should have dropped dead by now.

not sure where that info is coing from. Maybe from a liabilty standpoint, he came up with those numbers for his clients? and insurance thing?

good question, I was wondering the same thing when I read it though.