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What Is Happiness to You?


Seeing my kid and spending time with her,and now days starting my own business after years of waiting to be able to:) Landing large contracts soon


Cars are cool,big euro trucks are even cooler,and to make a living out of it its fu…ng great!


Having a wife and a mistress who both are cool with the situation. We all get along great.


Knowing that my daughter and fiancé are happy, healthy, and living a good life. Knowing that we are a family and that is more important than anything.

Another big thing is being able to lay down my head at night and being proud of who I am and the code that I live by. I’m not proud of everything that I have done’ but I’m proud of how I chose to handle everything that I did, regardless of the things I decided to do and pursue.



My daughter and fiance came down to visit for a week recently, (they are moving down here soon).

My daughter (three years old) was really excited to sleep in daddys big bed and get to wake up and play with daddy in the morning! I awoke to her sitting up on my chest and saying “I love you so much daddy”! When I replied that I love her too, she told me “I love you more!”

This is happiness at it’s finest!