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What Is Happiness to You?


I got rid of mine years ago. One too many Britain First posts by people I thought I knew ruined it for me.


Is that a bad thing? :wink:


Britain first is ok, but Britain First is a very bad thing indeed!


Fakebook is poison.

+1 for giving it up years ago, still trying to get my gf to drop it.


Mine is at least 90% politics lately


Yeah, I dropped face book a few years ago too. The vast majority of it was downright delusional.


I call it pseudopolitics … ain’t no one talking politics on facebook really know what the fuck they’re talking about … including me :frowning:


The posts seem to reflect what I think is a great deal of today’s adults’ poor life skills and their utterly bizarre need for constant validation and attention. Other posts show just how out of touch many adults, particularly fitness oriented adults, with the real world.

I don’t mind Instagram though, and I post on there regularly, though not nearly as regularly as I was when I was documenting my contest prep, which I did more so out of wanting to share my passion with others or help some others get motivated too or maybe provide some entertainment to some people (which got me some funny DM’s too, lol).


I think it has to do with peoples want to portray happiness rather than the actual experience of real happiness. It comes off as fake.

I could bore people to tears with videos of me fly fishing when I am perfectly happy and at ease with my surroundings, but what’s the use? It really isn’t very interesting to anybody but me in that moment, and setting up a cam or trying to hold a phone would ruin it. But what people really seem to like to do and see is set up a scenario to take a selfie with a big daffy smile, when that isn’t how things go down in real life. Then I’d see the same selfie people at the grocery store or in passing and they terminally look like someone just kicked their dog, and all they want to talk about is what so-and-so said on facebook.

I’ve seen some neat stuff on social media too though. It’s great for special interest groups, and I also participate on a welding forum, but they don’t seem nearly as prone to the superficial shows of emotional investment and happiness that some platforms seem to be.


Hey, fly fishing is great. Just you, the river and that elusive bastard of a fish.


Material things are like accessories to a life of contentness. I wont measure my lifes happiness to the accumalation of material items. The value they have are usually agreed upon by society which is flawed. I am happy that I have a wife and a child on the way. I believe that ones sense of self is deeply tied to their role in their society. Once you can sustain yourself and family and have some form of respect I think this is enough for a healthy psyche. Thats just me though.


Well, that’s fair enough for people naturally gifted with a healthy psyche. But to me, the problem is not having an ego. Everyone has an ego. The problem is finding, in the course of a fairly ordinary life, acts of sufficient heroic stupidity to commit in order to bolster my grandiose yet fragile self esteem.


Happiness to me:

My wife and I laughing at an inappropriate moment.

Watching a bass blow up on a hollow body frog.

A pile of spent brass casings.

Smokey peaty scotch.


Asinine social media crap.




I hate those bullshit motivational quotes so god damn much


Me too, I’m just struggling to see how they’re relevant to this thread.


Because by taking them literally and applying what is said, you will achieve happiness.


Um, OK… backs away


I am happy at that time when I am free from work harassment. And don’t have much tension on the head.