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What is Good Food?

I’m sticking to what I think is good diet for some time (a lot of protein, little fat, some carbs). I do not eat in restaurants besides dinners (I do not have oven) but lately my diet become a little bit boring because of small list of products I eat. My diet consists of:

  • eggs
  • curd cheese
  • tuna fish
  • chicken
  • rice
  • bananas
  • oats
  • yogurt
  • protein shake
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • pepper
  • cashews
  • raisins
  • milk (rarely because I gain a lot of fat when I drink milk)

Would you add anything to this list so my diet is little bit more interesting?

I’d throw some different fruits in there right off the bat.

Do you have any constraints like cost or availability?

My definition of good food is one with a nice ratio of protein to calories, especially when getting lean.

Aprproximately 1 gram per 5 calories = Awesome. Examples, Chicken Breast, Cod

Approximately 1 gram per 10 calories = good. Examples: Greek Yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, lean pork

Approximately 1 gram per 20 calories = OK. Examples: Chick peas, broccoli

Anything above 1 gram per 30 calories is probably only good as enjoyment food, which is also important.

If it’s 1 gram of protein (or none) per 50 calories, then it’s probably pure junk.

That’s just looking at it from a raw numbers perspective when it comes to the basic calories in calories out rules. Of course there’s other factors like fiber and micronutrients. The leaner I need to be, the more I eat from the “awesome” and “good” section, and…surprise! The leaner I get.

I earn well so cost is not that of an issue. Whether It comes to availability I spend to much time shopping so I do not want to spend another hour searching for some rear thing.

As far as basic foods, I’d add
More fruit (grapes, strawberries, oranges)
Bell Peppers
Greek Yogurt

Just try to have fun with it. Make stir fry and caesar salads and stuff, throw the meat in there. Experiment. There are tons of articles with protein powder recipes, too.

Hope that helps a bit.

Where is the tbone Steak in your list :anguished:???

I also 2nd salmon.

I noticed that you don’t have potatoes or sweet potatoes on your list…

Sweet potatoes are not accessible in my country. We eat potatoes instead but I always thought potatoes were junk food.

Profit opportunity identified, sweet potatoes (orange not yellow) are awesome. Shipment inbound lol. What country?

If you take a potato and slice it up and fry it at 350 degrees in vegetable oil, then yeah… not so healthy. If you bake/boil/mash a potato with a little bit of high quality butter and about a million different spices and toppings. Potatoes can be a great part of a lifter’s diet. Remember carbs aren’t the devil, even the keto lifters need to refeed for muscle glycogen.

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potatoes are actually very nutritious