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What is Good Bar Speed?

I’ve read multiple posts now repeating the 5 strong reps at 95% idea. I too was confused on this, getting 3 reps on my 1+ set and thinking I was killing it. So wanting to do this program right I’m reassessing everything and basically starting over. I went through my logs and found where I was actually getting 5 or more reps on my 1+ and I’m resetting my training maxes to those numbers. The only question remaining for me now (I think) is bar speed. What’s good bar speed? Is there a number associated to it like in seconds eccentric/ concentric, or is it just by feel? I know I don’t want to go so fast that my form turns to shit, but I’ve never lifted for speed so I don’t know how to gauge it. If its in the books I can’t find it (I have the first two but not forever yet). Hopefully I’m not just being dense or overanalyzing, I just want to get it right. Thanks!

It sounds like you’re overthinking it. As long as the reps are controlled on the way down and feel strong and smooth -use your best judgment and be honest with yourself- you’ll be fine. If you are really unsure; aim to get 6 reps with 95%. Having a slightly lower training max won’t hurt, so even if your bar speed is perfect you’ll still be good to go.

Not too familiar on the programming and not too sure if there’s anything specific but if not, I’d prob go rule of thumb with 2 seconds down, 0-1 seconds at the bottom and then back up for 1 second. Can’t go wrong really. Should be manageable with the weight, but always a good idea to just spend 15 mins trying out lighter weight with different bar speeds to find a personal pace.

Yea, you are overanalyzing a bit. If the 5 reps at 95% are grinders, I would hold off on raising tm for another cycle.
I personally wait until I reach 8-11 reps to raise tm, dependent on which lift it is. OHP is always slower compared to deadlift. I always remind myself that clean reps build strength, not sloppy grinding messes.

Thanks for the input, I do tend to over think things sometimes. So if I understand this correctly, after I lower my TM to where it should be (Ill play around to see what feels right), the last set should be controlled with a bar speed that feels good to me, maybe use the 2 second down 1 second up as a starting point, and basically do AMRAP while leaving 1-2 in the tank in Jim’s words, keep raising my TM each cycle until I can only do 5 reps on the last set, and at that point I should either keep my TM where it is (if they are strong reps) until my reps go up again, or lower my TM and reset if they are grinders?