What is Going on Lately?

In this video Paul Blart does an mma chokehold on deaf man because said deaf man didn’t stop when the store alarm went off. Words can not describe the anger and shock I feel watching this anger because let’s face it a police officer would have been fired for this type of assult and shock because no one did anything, it’s pretty clear when the man’s brother is whooping(you know due to being deaf) that there is something going on with these two.

Also the guy getting choked is turning blue and tapping out it’s doesn’t seem like He Man needs to continue the abuse. Thoughts comments are we as a society getting so apathetic to this sort of thing that no one helps? I’m reminded of the scene in Kick Ass where Kick Ass is helping the guy gettting beaten up and everyone hasa their cell phones out recording the video for youtube

Video don’t work.

whats this about? video doesn’t work so I didn’t read what you wrote. we want video!!!

already posted yesterday homie… Post Fail