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What is everyones split like?

I was just wondering how you set up your workouts. If you hit one body part a day or do you do a combo?

Currently doing Five sets of Five. Monday: Deadlift, seated row, close-grip bench. Wednesday: Weighted pull ups, overhead press, shrugs, calves. Friday: Front Squat, Bench press, dips, curls. Also, I stretch, work abs, and follow each workout with 20-25 minutes of cardio. Tues and Thurs I do other activities (mountain bike, stadiums, in-line skate, ComCon). I play on the weekends.

I don’t actually do a split routine. I do 2 full body sessions a week, with cardio on 2 other days, one day where I do a few sets of periphery moves, and 2 days rest. Here’s how it shakes out: Monday – deadlifts, db bench press, 1-arm rows, and crunches; Tuesday – cardio; Wednesday – peripheries (curls, leg extensions, extra rows); Thursday – cardio; Friday – pull-ups, squats, dips, crunches. Yep, this would be considered a HIT type routine. Before you flame me, consider this – I’ve gone from a skinny 150 at 5’11", to 200, with minimal fat gain (don’t know the actual %). All natural, at 37 yrs, after YEARS of endurance sports. And still growing.

i hit each body part once a week.
Mon - Chest
Tues - Back
Wed. - off
Thurs. - Shoulders & Legs
Fri - Arms

it’s not the perfect split, but it works good enough for me right now and fits into my schedule.

Quads-Mon, Chest&Tris-Wed, Hams&Glute-Friday, Shoulders&Bis-Sat with Back split between Wed&Sat. I jumprope for about ten minutes prior to each workout.

I hit each bodypart once a week. For me it goes: Mon-off, Tue-quads, Wed-hams and calves, Thur-chest, Fri-off, Sat-arms and shoulders, Sun-back

I lead a pretty dissolute workout schedule. As a matter of fact, I don’t keep logs, I weight train everyday (I’m addicted), i ab train 3 dayz/week. I do bench presses alot, deads alot, Power and Hang Cleans ALOT, bent rows, curls, Clean+presses, pull-ups, rack lockouts. I do about two of these exercises per day w/ 5 sets of each. I’ve made huge gains in everything, but that’s because I’m a teenager (17). I don’t recommend my split to any sane person, because, frankly, I could be doing much better. I used to make myself nice, neat training logs with carefully contrived set/reps schemes and exercise descriptions, but I couldn’t follow them, because I was tempted to do a certain exercise one day, and I hated taking days off in general. My only rule is that I don’t lift on sore muscles, but If they’re not sore, they are apt to be victimized by my untamed insanity. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing curls and rows for the past 3 days straight. Yeh, I know, you guys’l say that’s stupid, but I’ve a hard time believing that it’s enough to do a certain muscle group once/week (like doing benches for only 5-10 sets/week, that’s insanely inadequate). I’ve had pretty good results, with a bf around 4-5%. (Damn, I’m bound to get a bunch of indignant responses after this)

I do the standard four day split. Monday-Vertical pushing and pulling, Tuesdays-Deadlift variations, Thursday-Horizontal Pushing and Pulling, Friday-Squat Variations. I dont really work my arms directly. They never got any bigger when i worked them so i just stopped. Theyve actually gotten bigger. They get sore from Chins and presses so i figure thats enough.

mon:chest+Bi & tri,forearms
tue:posterior legday,abs
thu:Back+Bi & tri,forearms
fri:anterior legday,abs

Leo, I’m 18 and used to train exactly like you did. Then I stopped growing. You might be a genetic freak, if so, lucky you! I’m the complete opposite - my metabolism completely sucks (I put on fat for fun :frowning: ). One day you might stop growing too. Then you’ll change. However, good luck to you in the meantime. I’m envious - I wish my body could cope with that amount of training.

I workout 4 days week, working each bodypart once a week. Saturdays, shoulders and tris, Sunday Back and rear delts, Tues chest and tris, and thurs is legs day. Do a few stretching sets and one or two heavy 6-8 or 8-10 rep work sets for small muscle groups. 2 to 4 work sets for large muscle groups. I like it so far. One reason is you know you are only going to work this muscle group once this week so you really put alot of effort into it, and because you are working with on a 4 day split, and working fewer muscle groups you have alot more energy to work out harder, in my opinion. We’ll see how it works. My problem is Ive got to really up the carbs. I never in my life imagined EATING would be such a freakin problem. Hope this helps

i change my routine about every 4 weeks or so, but now i’m doing a program very similar to bridle’s: 2 days/week, whole body sessions. Typical exercises: power/hang clean and jerks, front/back squats, barbell bench presses or incline db presses, barbell rows or weighted chins, barbell or dbell standing presses, plus ab work on each day. i don’t work arms directly at the moment, and train with around 3 reps/set on mondays and 6 reps/set on thursdays, with about 4 sets per exercise. i use the full spectrum of programs, from training 6 days a week, to training only 2 days. i think that this allows me to keep gaining and ensures that i’m not stuck in one training groove all the time.

i just switched up my routine. so now i’m monday - flat bench, inc bench, deads, pull ups, db row, situps, leg crosses (body on step, feet straight out) tuesday - squats, ham curls, extensions, skiier quats, side db raise, front db raise, clean press, abs again thursday - sb curl, inc db curl, preacher curl, skulls, dips, tricep press, abs. i’m not driving anymore, so i get between 10 and 20 miles per day on my bike for cardio… that’s about it…probably more than any of you cared to know…

OK Fellas (and Fillies),
Here is the program that I start next Monday.
I am in a rest week.

Mon AM-40 yard sprints until I drop below 4.60sec, hand timed, with a standard 210 sec rest.

Mon PM-A: Chin up, 5x3 at 60% (which just so happens to be my bodyweight, with clothes, 180#) in 7.5 min. I follow this with 5x3 at 80% in 15 min.
B1: 14" Bench Press
B2: Seated Rows to Neck
5x6-4 (5% Solution) of each in 20 min.
C1&2: Eccentric external rotations. 3x10 each arm.

Wed AM-Targeted Pulls (see Charles Staley’s site), triples at 5-6RM until unable to complete, with 195 sec rest, minus 15 sec a week, with the last week being 120 sec (hope I can maintain sets).

Wed PM-A: Deadlift, same parameters as Chinups, with a max of 400#. With the the 60%, I will shrug and come onto toes at the top.
B1&2: Quad Emphasis Lunges (knee way out in front of toes)
B3:Harrop curls
5x3 of each, plus one rep a week (hoping to get eight by the end of this cycle), 30 mins to complete.

Fri AM-Push Presses, same parameters as Targeted Pulls.
PM-A: Bench Press, same parametes as the other “A” exercises. With my max being a silly little 205#.
B1: Lean-away low pulley hammer curls
B2: Weighted Dips
5x6-4 (5% Solution), complete in 20 min.
C1&2: Arm in front eccentric external rotation. 3x10.

Fuck Overtraining…I don’t believe in the word. My Split is 3 days of continous weight training with 1 or 2 days of depending on how I feel. Day 1 starts with Back & Chest, Day 2 is Legs, and Day 3 Arms, Shoulders, and Traps. Sometimes I will start with Legs for variation. As for reps I combine the 5x5 method for the first 3 days then 10x10 for the following 3 days and so on and do at least 3 exercises per body part except for day 3 which is lower volume. I love this workout and it has made me what I am today. I was 5’11" 150 and now stand proud at 5’11" 210.

I’ve played around with a lot of different set-ups and finally found one that works well for me:

Day 1: Back & Chest
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Shoulders & Arms
Day 4: Rest

Each cycle I’ll vary what I start first so I don’t get a higher training effect on any particular muscle group, except for arms. I always do bi’s first and will continue until I’ve got the proper strength ratio between the two.