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What is Everyone Doing for Core?


I get it. The conversation has gotten me as well. I just noticed that Josh’s quote was about abs in particular (with “ab” written in all caps).


That’s why bracing drills are useful for newer lifters, or those who struggle to brace correctly. Sit ups don’t teach you how to brace, nor does any other exercise that has you going into spinal flexion.

First of all, the only one of those that I’m aware is actually a coach in Brandon Lilly, and I’m not aware of him coaching any high level lifters. Last I heard, Ben Pollack was being coached by Kabuki Strength, so chances are he isn’t doing direct ab work anymore.


What, in addition to abs, do you consider the “core” to consist of? Lower back?

If squatting and deadlifting alone isn’t enough for your lower back then it would certainly make sense to add exercises to target the lower back, but at the same time bracing would be useful. Any sort of direct ab work to build this so-called core seems a bit counterintuitive because I have never seen anyone get bent over backwards on a squat or deadlift so why is actively going into flexion or resisting flexion so important?


Obliques would be in there too. Essentially the trunk; what allows the upper body to pivot and rotate.


Ok, so what would you do to target the obliques?


Been a while since I did. I liked saxon side bends though.


Honestly I use the “300” work out for my core section… my older brother that’s 53 is entering master’s competition and he’s at 198 lbs. And friggin ripped !!! I’m so proud of him !!


What is the “300” workout?


I’ve never heard of these. Googled it and think I’ll give them a go.


They are brutal. A little weight goes a LONG way. Good luck!


It’s that workout everyone on set did for the movie 300. Airbrush not included.

It’s pretty crazy.

50 situp reach-ups
25 side crunches on your right side
25 side crunches on your left side
50 Russian twists (each rep requires a floor tap to the right and the left)
50 hi/low scissors
25 leaning knee drives to the right
25 leaning knee drives to the left
50 rock the boats (each rep requires a roll to the right and left)


Did this fairly often a fair years back when I was 15/16 got into lifting and thought my abs needed to be worked daily.

Failed to have anything beyond a blurry four pack…must be genetics.

Or my carb and sugar addiction and lack of self control when it comes to food.


Your abs can be worked daily, but it won’t get you a six pack. Those are made in the kitchen.


I usually get mine at the liquor store.


Nah :wink:


Very true. I just meant it in a joking way regarding me not eating the right way (at all) to attain visible abs.


Just my 2 cents: People saying that you don’t need ab work because deads/squats work it enough are just trying to find excuses not to put in work. Honestly, hitting abs is boring and its hard but there is no doubt carry over. They’re likely the same people who say cardio kills gains. Running a mile every now and then or doing sprints is beneficial to health and strength, people just make excuses so they don’t have to do it.


Your 2 cents isn’t worth half a penny. You think that coaches who train elite lifters are trying to find an excuse for their lifters not to put in work?


I did front squats for the first time in awhile and my lower abs and obliques are now destroyed, which surprised me. Don’t remember being this sore even when I did side planks and leg raises.


I dunno man. You just hear a lot of excuses people use to avoid doing the two least enjoyable exercises.