What Is Ethics In Congress?

I really am asking this because I am genuinely confused…

Just what is “ethics” in Congress???.

Everytime one of these “ethics” violations comes up (Tom Delay is currently in the crosshairs), I’m unclear about what is “ethical” in Congress and what is “unethical”.

Is it that you lied and got caught?

Is it that you lied to someone powerful and they got pissed off?

Is it that outsmarted another member of Congress and they got pissed?

Did you forget to give someone across the aisle a “reach around?”

(Sorry…couldn’t help that last one…but it was SOOooo, easy!)

Seriously, guys…what is the “line” that gets crossed between “ethical” and “unethical” behavior in Congress?



They are all crooks.

They have to lie and cheat to get elected so I am not surprised when they get caught.

When they get caught doing something stupid the media generally lets the Democrats slide while blasting the Republicans.

Another thing to consider…

Can a member of Congress become TOO powerful…then THAT becomes “unethical” in the eyes of other members?

Just a thought…


What is ethics in congress?

An oxymoron.

LOL, nephrom!

I’m serious, guys…I REALLY don’t get…

When a Member of Congress is accussed of “ethics” violations…the “ethics” committee has to say “Okay…they’ve crossed the line…”…

What the HECK is that “line”?



I did find an OVERVIEW of the Ethics rules (note: this is a pdf document):

This would be laughable if it wasn’t do pathetic…

The problem I see is that the Congress has found NUMEROUS loopholes and ways to get around a lot of these rules.

So…I’m right back to the original question! (Maybe it has to do with HOW MUCH one breaks these rules???)

Oh, well…