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What is EOD Dosage?

I may be overthinking this but what dosage exactly is EOD? If I intend on 150mg/week and I inject EOD in mornings not thinking of weeks just every other day:
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues, Thurs…

Vial is 250mg/ml
I do 0.15ml each shot, 0.15 * 250= 37.5mg
37.5 * 4 = 150
EOD is technically 4x week

Is that right or am I making a mistake somewhere? On a simple Mon-Thurs schedule of 75mg x 2 I felt like T was higher…

Well, you are close enough.

I would think it like this:
14 days in 2 weeks --> 7 injections of total 300 mg. 300/7 = 42.9 mg --> 250mg/ml / 42.9mg = 0.17 ml /injection.

0.17ml * 250mg * 7 injection days = 297.5 mg on period of two weeks.