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What is "Diluted to Endpoint" on Testosterone Labs?

My most recent labs show a dramatic drop in both total and free testosterone by about half (which coincides with my recently feeling crappy). But on the total T number it says, “Testosterone result diluted to endpoint”. It has never said that on any of my previous labs so I’m unsure how to use that number for comparison.

Does anyone know what it means?

On a side note, my labs also show that I’m recovering from the Epstein-Barr virus. Could this be a reason for my numbers dropping so dramatically?

The sample is diluted until it is no longer detectable.

Yes, mono can do that.

Thanks @highpull ,

I don’t understand…what would be the point of diluting the testosterone sample until undetectable? And what does that mean for my result number? And although my total T was diluted to endpoint, it does not say that for my free T number. Either way, they are both down by half.

So far (over the last month or so) I’ve gradually increased my dosage by 20% with only very little result (going by feel and look…I’ve always been able to pretty accurately tell where I’m at by feel). Any idea how long the virus will impact my levels for?

I assume the bodily stress of the mono is consuming a lot of the testosterone? The labs do say that I’m in the “convalescence” stage.

Been a while since my chemistry days, but the more you have, the more difficult it’ll be to dilute it down to nothing. From there, they do some math to arrive at a level per mL or dL. Free testosterone is calculated from total, SHBG and albumin.

Mono does not consume testosterone, but when we are sick, many systems are effected, and the endocrine system especially. Some need a long time to recover form mono, several months or even more. Some are good to go in a month or two. The younger the better.

“Younger the better…” lol well that doesn’t bode well for me then hahaha.

I’m just blown away that I could even come down with mono. According to my doc, it’s extremely hard to get. You need incredibly close contact for many hours a day over the course of months. I don’t even have that amount of contact with the wife. So I’m thinking it’s obviously not as hard to get as all that.