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What Is DHB? Is It Safe?

Is it any good? Does it build muscle

FIrstly: you suck at thread starting.

Secondly, despite the OP (you) apparently being too lazy to tell us what DHB is, I went and googled it. Nothing came up.


Strong bump out of 10. Need to up the googling skills to your peptide skills mate. Google “DHB muscle” ez

Why couldn’t you have just told us what it is?

If it is the dhb aka 1-test I am familiar with then it stands for DiHydroBoldenone. It’s what EQ aka boldenone breaks down into like test into DHT aka DiHydroTestosterone. Supposedly primo is DHB but with a methylation added. (Don’t know if I am terming that correctly “methylation”)

People say DHB is like super primo or weaker tren. I can only compare it to tren and the overall finished product as in your body at the end of the cycle then yes weaker tren is accurate enough.

All that said I like the stuff. On the rating scale it is just as androgenic as test and twice as anabolic. (As if the ratings translate to real world). Since it is the reductased version of EQ I will put in that EQ is half as androgenic and just as anabolic as test. So you could possibly say it’s like concentrated EQ?

I originally ran dhb at 300mgs with a test and eq run at ten weeks, 400 mgs each. Around week six I added in winny at 30mgs a day and anavar at 30mgs a day (someone gave me their leftovers on the anavar and I figured why not). I can tell you that when I added in the orals all of a sudden it felt like someone was inflating my muscle group with one of those air hoses you use on your car tires. Not sure what caused that feeling as it was in that window where EQ is supposed to fully kick in but I added the orals.
The other time I used dhb was with a test base 400 mgs and tren at 200 mgs per week. Didn’t have the pump issues in my muscles and the finished look was more than I think I would have had with test and tren alone.
As far as using it to build I think you have to go up to 400 mgs or more per week for it to shine.

On a closing note I do think it has that elusive primo trait where you end up building some muscle in a caloric deficient environment.