What is Considered Low SHBG?

Just wondering what everyone would consider low, and time to look at frequency of shots.

Mine hovers around19-26

According to my previous labwork, the range is 19.3 - 76.4 nmols/L. Mine runs low as well. The last lab showed 14.1

Do you get any sorta libido/arousal boost from TRT studhammer?

Oh hell yes. I’m a walking hard-on at 53 years old. :muscle:

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Jeaous. What’s your protocol again?

Running 250/week with 20 mg nolva after coming off a 12 week blast of Test/NPP and HGH

I see. I’ve debated a high dose like that. My dr allows me 150mg per week, but I dose much lower.

Whats your e2 run at that protocol?

I only get libido and erections when E2 is lower after microdosing an AI. Roscoe my SHBG is in a similar range to your own.

This is from last year on pretty much the same protocol minus the Nolva


Yes, systemlord, our numbers are similar.

The issue with low shbg is that we convert quickly to e2. Lowering the dose is a good idea, but then we lose the benefits of TRT we were looking for in the first place.

WOnder if low shbg just need Ai help. Keep test upper level, but reduce the conversion to e2 with the ai. It’s such a debacle trying to figure this out with the low shbg and all.

You can read about my blast here if you want. Has pics and measurements and the issues I had with NPP

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On one of the other sites, someone was stating that the best solution to low shbg is to actually do the opposite of what you’d think, and run very high doses. The logic I didn’t quite follow… was something about saturating the tissue with T.

I was able to get really high levels with sub 200
Dosing. My e2 stayed low though. Very curious if the high e2 is a problem with every low shbg guy or jsut most.

Whether or not high e2 is an issue with low shbg would be dose dependent I would think.

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My shbg has ranged from 16 to 20 and I’ve never had issues with high e2. Great libido. I’ve run 100, 120, 160 ect ect. No problems. As a matter of fact I didnt even notice to big a difference between these doses and consider them just slight adjustments that dont amount to much. I felt good at all these dosages.

What have your protocols been like? Are you once a week?

That’s awesome.

I’ve always been on a 3.5 day schedule

Is your ft high out of range?

No absolutely not. Not on trt dosages anyways. On my current dose of 120 mg my tt is 1000 and ft is 24 on a scale to 25