What is Considered High Estrogen Levels?

For example are estradiol levels of 40 pg/ml too high for a man in 20s? Are they high enoguh to the point where they can cause gyno or sexual side effects?

It’s more about symptoms. Some people are fine even at 70+


Some are fine at 100+. Some have trouble in the 30s. As long as testosterone is high enough, most are fine with higher estrogen levels.

So some people won’t get gyno even at 100+, but some may get in 30s? Strange.

Over 50

Everybody is unique. Just because I have size 12EEEE feet doesn’t mean a guy with size 9’s would be comfortable in the same shoes.

So who determined that optimal range is between 20-30

It’s based on collected lab results. So, essentially the mean of the sick people.

High estrogen will depend on the individual, symptoms tell all. Usually men who are fit and not on TRT score <35 pg/mL.

Not unlike how women respond differently to hormonal fluctuations within the menstrual cycle. With some, there is no impact at all, with others……………if you do not know, you’ve heard stories.

Guys are the same. Some do not deal well at all with slightly elevated E2 (roid rage?), others, no problem with high levels.