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What Is Comprable To Tren?


What is comprable to tren but cheaper?


ummm. Tren is comparable to tren, and about the same cost.... I high dose of test perhaps. Tren is like none other. if tren were a women, it would be ever elucide 10/10, you know, the kind that your head exploded when you saw it...

Tren is worth every penny.


Didn't you just post on your other thread. You just gonna leave that and post another new topic?
Were you planning on just starting a thread for each new question?


Different topic = different thread....different subject line. I think the board should be able to handle the extra payload.

Stop criticizing over pointless shit.


Ok how about this 1) go on web 2) pick site 3) pick drug 4) buy
5) your a dumbass


He uses "tren" to mean things that are not trenbolone, so who knows what the question even really means.


Agreed, if your supplier is good then tren should be same price as..say test prop. IME anyways.


No, only if your supplier sells counterfeits should trenbolone be the same price as, say, testosterone propionate obtained from him. It is a much more expensive raw material.

However, if you get it yourself from the veterinary supply, it is about $35 per 2 grams or slightly less, which is cheap enough.


Exactly. When the majority of the posters here say 'Tren' we mean one of the injectable Trenbolone products.. when this poster says 'Tren' he means some crap PH, DS or even possibly the oral use of an un-methylated Trenbolone Acetate pill (all but totally fucking useless i'd expect).


As has been stated in another thread not so long ago.. Tren E and A are often approx 6-8x the cost of Test Prop.
Tren Hex is significantly more even.

This is based on a cost of $1-$1.2/g of Test Prop powder.


When the fuck are you going to post something useful.

You are a complete waste and it is getting quite annoying.


When are you going to post something useful.

You are a complete waste and it's getting quite annoying.


I love it when people say "YOUR a dumbass", instead of "YOU'RE a dumbass."

Your grammar shows you're quite the dumbass. In fact, your posts from less than a year ago show you were a complete ignorant mongoloid about AAS.

1)Shut up 2)Get an education 3)Go take it in the ass from Obama 4) Jump off a bridge


It fascinates me that people actually go out of their way and spend time criticizing others instead of just ignoring the post if they have nothing useful to add. Human nature i guess. I guess everyone was born a steroid expert except the poor guy asking a pretty harmless question.

My guess is i have more years of steroid use and experience than anyone around here (perhaps with the exception of Bill) at 25 years of usage and i have never felt the urge to criticize anyone, just me i guess. Anyway back to the original question, in my experience, nothing gives quite the same results as trenbolone acetate, but for me i get bad headaches and insomnia from it.

The one thing that comes pretty damn close is masteron (short actin propionate version). From this i get no severe sides at all, i think my favorite combo while keeping things pretty reasonable in dosages is test prop 50mg daily combined with masteron 50mg daily. Anyway thats just my opinion for what its worth.


just goi with a simple test e/deca cycle then. tren really is superb but the sides can be killer.


I have forgotten more than you will ever know about steroids. I went out of my way to assist you.
You even had Bill R. step in on the post that was created for YOU. And you say you have 5mg
tren. I guess I learned my lesson trying to post on your topic which would've been ignored by
everyone else.


I agree. This place is way too hostile. Every single one of you was a noob at some point and asked a silly question or two (hundred). People come for help not a 5th grade scolding.


I see your point, however I don't think it's asking much for people to read the stickies and formulate thier posts accordingly. Just a hypothetical example, when you have people who are 19 or 20, 6'0 @ 150lbs. talking about how they need to use roids and they come up with cycles such as 20mg of dbol a day with no pct or else deca with no test and no AIs and no pct...then I think that a certain level of hostility is warranted.

Steroids have a huge stigma against them, so to encourage their use among those who aren't physically ready for it or else have no clue and will end up hurting thier body's is a incredibly irresponsible IMO. That just gives more (unwarranted) negative feedback towards steroid use.

NOW, if an individual posts stats, has a basic understanding of what they want to use and why, and is polite they will recieve good, positive feedback from all concerned. My first posts were formatted in such a manner and even now though I am by no means an AAS guru (though I do know a decent bit and look forwad to learning much more in the years to come) I still ask politiley for information.

Why??? Because people who are very knowledgable about AAS are giving me thier knowledge and time by helping me out. A modicun of respect and intelligence isn't much to ask for in return for expert advice.

It's the whole "teach a man to fish" analogy.

just my two cents..


The bottom line- every one wants to act like their an expert. AAS usage provides a means for someone to be knowledgeable at something fairly complex, many of which have never been the expert of anything.

I'm not some 18 year old dumbass who has never lifted before, nor am I asking about winny only cycles. There is some information that is not prevalent online (or in stickies); therefore, I seek expert advice.

I never came on here being a know-it-all smartass. I post questions that I find conflicting information on, or that I can't find through other posts.

No, winkroar, you didn't go out of your way to assist me, you went out of your way to criticize me. I was talking about 5mg Trenbolone tablets that I was being sold, I was told by my source it was something fairly new and effective from BD. I figured he was full of shit, but I couldn't find any information about it online. I know I don't have 129 posts under my belt like you, but judging by your newbie posts, you were more ignorant than I.

Guys like 'morepain' will help more ignorant people than all the other critical comments combined.

Thanks to the guys who actually answered my question.


I did once try to talk a friend (needlephobe) of mine who was insisting on trying out some shitty prohormone to take 10-20 finaplix pellets orally per day. That would be between 200mg to 400mg orally per day with hopefully at least a 10% absorption rate. This is actually not so cost prohibitive if you have access to pellets and I have read some feedback on it although there is very little.