What Is Catch Wrestling?

While I was having a discussion with some of my friends about Mixed Martial Arts a style of wrestling that I’ve never was brought up. It was called catch as catch can wrestling or catch wrestling for short. My friend told me that it was a style of submission wrestling that originated in America. He brought up names as George Tragos, Frank Gotch, Lou Thesz and others. He also told me a story where a guy named Ad Santel beaten many Judo Champions of his time. I was wondering if anybody has heard about Catch Wrestling, has any information to this style or has ever trained in it.

Check out Wikipedia:

O yes Matt Furey is a stud at catch :wink:

check out tony checcini’s(sp) website

There’s another thread that I can’t seem to find right now where I go in depth on the history of this.

So, search and if you still have any questions, lemme know.

[quote]ytbones wrote:
Best catch wrestler of all time=Matt Furey

2nd best=Kazushi Sakuraba[/quote]

Please stop reading Fureys propaganda…

has anybody ever trained in catch wrestling or experienced it first hand?

[quote]ZEB wrote:
ytbones wrote:
Best catch wrestler of all time=Matt Furey

2nd best=Kazushi Sakuraba

Please stop reading Fureys propaganda…[/quote]

Thank God!
Another reasonable person…

I was lucky enough to train with Tony Cecchine for about a year back in 00-01. I learned a lot while I was there, but I can’t say there was much carry over to where I train now, since I had to take about 3 years off due to work and finances. But I still have a few core moves I learned while there that work good for me. The biggest carryover was my ground control/pinning, which is still pretty good.

People will bash Tony for his involvement in Catch, as well as his background(which some have called into question–usually right before offering their own Catch products for sale). I don’t know how or when he learned Catch, since I wasn’t there. If he was faking it, then he was a damn good faker. I am not claiming to be able to spot a fake a mile away or anything of that sort, I am just saying the few times he was able to roll with us(he had/has a bad back and other health issues), he was light years ahead of any of us.

[quote]Nightwing1 wrote:
has anybody ever trained in catch wrestling or experienced it first hand?[/quote]

Yes I trained in it. There are many aspects of catch wrestling that are far superior to jui-jitsu!

I run an the world’s leading organization dedicated to bringing back real catch wrestling.

You can read about some research I’ve done on both Cecchine and Furey here:

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