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What is Canada Like?


What would you guys say are the main culture differences between Canada and the US?


Our [US] faces have facial features. And moose walk the streets of Toronto, hand in hoof with Mounties.


Good place to start.


I'm in B.C. so for where I am I noticed that people seem friendlier on the outside. The landscape is beautiful as well and people are quite active here especially on sunny days.

It seems to me that the university life isn't as crazy as in the states.


I've heard that the people of Canada are very polite.

I know for a fact that some of the women are absolutely awesome.

And they all like hockey. It's mandatory. Thats why Paul Schaefer got kicked out.


not all of us like hockey, but don't tell the feds, eh



We're not all that different from Americans except we lean more left politically I'd say, overall. Canadians in the big cities are not much different than Americans in big cities. I think we start to seem different culturally as you get into small populations.

I took this in Alberta, which is barely Canada :stuck_out_tongue:


Quick hijack -

Deb, you need to start a thread for your scenic pics like this one. Love this stuff.


Canada : Minorities Welcomed

USA: Minorities Tolerated


Canadians like to smoke weed...alot lol.

Most folks from the other provinces think people from Quebec are arrogant assholes.

It gets hot up here too.


Canadians are tame and have a piss poor Navy.


Honestly, there are less differences between the States and Canada then most people think. We're different, but the same. We're just bigger pacifists


pacificst = pussy (jkjkjkjkjkjk I love yall in Canadia ... especially: Court, Deb, and JChenky)


Most Canadians are, they'll stand by and watch while somebody get's mugged or something on the subway. It's alright, our military ground troops get better training then the Americans do! (Because it's all our budget allows)


I'm not sure how you can make that claim...especially in a way that's specific to Canadians.


You can't even limit that type of non-interventionism to one country though. A lot of people in America would react the same way if someone was being mugged...


You're right, most of the world is becoming like that. We live too much on ignorance is bliss, but there was some sarcasm in my post which wasn't really detected. There are stories like that from all over.


Most of us look like this. Except on Fridays, when we put away our fancy work clothes and dress down. And we get to drink beer on the job, so that is cool.


^ that stuff's sociology, called the bystander effect, diffusion of responsibility. basically the more people there are in the presence of an illegal act such as a mugging or assault, the less each individual person feels responsible to help.

if there are 100 people who see someone being mugged, each one only feels 1% responsible to help, if there are 10 people, then each feels 10% responsible, 1 person , 100% responsible, etc. that said, if you are the victim of an attack and nobody around you is helping you out, then call out a specific person if possible by yelling out their physical features/appearance. :wink: