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What is Bush Responsible For?


I keep hearing people on the right saying what Bush can't be held responsible for.

So I have a question, what exactly can the POTUS be held responsible for?

Can he be held responsible for poor performance of a member of the Executive Branch that he placed in a particular position?

Can he be held responsible for not replacing someone that he put into a job in the Executive Branch when it is shown that they are not up to the job?

Or is there pretty much nothing that he can be held responsible for?

Just wondering.


He is reponsible for adding FEMA to Homeland Security.

Whether this slowed things down remains to be seen.

He is responsible for finding bottlenecks that occured in the process and trying to fix them.

It is very difficult for him to be responsible for things that happen in the first hours or days after a tragedy.

I do not expect the president to micromanage relief efforts.


He is marginally responsible for promoting the head of FEMA, who may not be qualified. But remember, he was highly recomended, and he was approved by congress.

If a year from now, FEMA operates the same way it has during Katrina, then I'll join you in blaming him.


I thought the head of FEMA was a political appointment that didn't have to be approved by Congress since the reorg that placed FEMA under the Secretary of Homeland Security?


I think this is about right.


My opinion is that all of the above he can be held responsible for. The appointments he made that turned out sour are his fault.


The Director of FEMA handled multiple hurricane disasters in Florida without any mishap. Why is this one different? Take a look at the governor, Jeb Bush in Florida... also, the governor of Louisiana was barring any military assistance for the first day(s).