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What is 'Body Re-Comp'?

Newbie question:

what exactly is the definition of “body re-comp?”

When you change the ratio of muscle to fat you have, preferably by reducing fat and increasing muscle mass

that’s what i thought. is there a specific program for body re-comp?

when i go to cut, i’d like to try to stay around the same weight if it all possible…

Dude, every program causes body re-comp. Reducing body fat while maintaining your weight is damn difficult, especially if you’ve been training for any real length of time. For most beginners, it will happen to some extent if you just clean up your diet and start exercising. Other then that, you pretty much have to focus on gaining muscle mass or losing fat. If you have a goal weight in mind, overshoot it and then cut down, or try to gain muscle slowly enough to avoid much fat gain.