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What is Biotest?


what is Biotest 3rd law of muscle Workout Fuel??

what exactly is it, a post workout drink? pre-workout?

i dont get it :stuck_out_tongue:


It's a whole article about it, read up.



Read the directions... (it's primarily meant for pre workout, and will give you the most benefit taken as such, although if you have mad cash flow you can take it whenever you want. Just watch out for too much Vit C. Also read CT's thread about peri-workout nutrition, which suggests that post workout carbs may no longer be beneficial, at least not more so than protein alone).


what do u mean too much vitamin C? what is too much


Forget it. The other ingredients will offset any "negative" affects of "too much" vit C.


Biotest is a supplement company; specifically, the exclusive advertiser, owner, and operator of this site.

The 3rd Law of Muscle is basically saying that you should supplement wisely to achieve your goals.

Workout Fuel is actually Surge Workout Fuel, which is a pre-workout shake that helps to enhance your ability to lift well.


This is only the case when following the I,Bodybuilder supplement protocol.
Otherwise post workout carbs can still be beneficial.


all you need to know is that if you come within 6 feet of it you will grow an inch on your arms. if you actually consume it. Look out.


Diarrhea results.