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What is Better?

For overall size and strength?

High rep Squats (Ex. 290 for 10)
Or Low Rep Squats (Ex. 350 for 5)

This will vary from person to person, some people responding better to one rep range, having said that, both would be beneficial in different phases of training.

Sorry to not answer the question, I just don’t think there is a definitvie answer to it.

3 lbs beef x 6 days/wk

both, but get in more set if you’re going lower reps.

I like to follow my heaviest set with a lighter set for high reps. Some people call this a back off, others call it a “feeder” set.

Bench press - work up to 1-3RM (350-400lbs), followed by one set of max reps with 225-275

You can do the same thing with squats or deadlifts.

My working sets always tend to be 6 or less, save the occasional set of twenty. I have always found I pack on the most size and put on more iron when my reps are low and my weight is high.

Low reps plus 3 lbs. of beef alternated with days of high reps and 3 lbs. of beef. Take every 5th day off and have 3 lbs. of beef.
Repeat the cycle.