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What is Best Type of Zinc to Take?


Looking at buying some more zinc and keep seeing the different types mentioned and don't know what the difference is. The last zinc supplement I took just said "zinc" and nothing more.

The other ones I am finding now are zinc gluconate, picolinate, citrate or oxide.

Are one of these better than the others? I can't seem to find anything from searching on what is best.


Zinc (as monomethionine and aspartate)

Found on ZMA label.

Go with that and you'll be fine.

But I'd imagine really any kind is fine.


As far as the best absorption goes, chelated forms of minerals are the best. The zinc in ZMA is the best in my opinion (optizinc). It's chelated with methionine.

Other forms are not nearly as good IMHO (Gluconate, succinate, etc)


I seem to remember hearing oxide doesnt work well but don't quote me on that


Been doing some searching and it seems that zinc picolinate seems to be the best in terms of absorbtion, now foods do some for a reasonable price for 50mg per cap, what are peoples thoughts on this?


Picolinate improves absorption, but you can always just take more of another form. Personally, I go with zinc citrate at $4/bottle. The inactive ingredients are very benign.


This is what I take, but Bill Roberts mentioned the difference between types of Zinc is not worth paying much if any premium for one form over another.