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What is Best to Get a Flat Belly?


What exercises need to be done in order to get a flat belly as my stomach is big due to fat saturation. Help me with tip's to achieve my goal.


eat less, squat, deadlift, bench, clean, overhead press, pullups


First make sure your diet is in order (e.g. eat healthy foods, cut out processed foods). If it is, then great. Don't expect great results even with an outstanding workout if your diet is poor.

I would recommend searching the articles on this site for a fat loss workout and an article on clean eating. Choose a workout that makes sense for the equipment that you have access to.

I've lost 17lbs in the last 40 days and I attribute the majority of the fat loss due to removing processed foods, no more sugary drinks, and eating nutrient dense foods. But the experts have articles on this site so start reading.



First of all, in case it's not clear to you at this point

Diet is everything.

You can get a flat belly with JUST a good diet(and no exercise), but you can't get a flat stomach with JUST a good workout(but neglect diet).

Add some up-hill/grass sprints and you are well on your way.


I biked to work for a two months everyday and didn't lose a pound because of my diet. If anything, biking just made me more hungry.

Another time I didn't exercise at all and only ate two meals plus a snack a day and lost stomach fat.


Road Roller but if that is too extreme I definitely recommend an Ace Power


Stop eating sugary foods/drinks and trans fats.
If you are serious about getting lean then you should look at food as fuel. Soft drink, doughnuts, cakes, snack bars etc.. are making you fat and are therefore useless. Eat meat, eggs, and lots of vegetables everyday. Use fruit as a snack.
If you are really serious then track your food intake and count your macro nutrients.

Edit: Oh as far as exercises go to get a flat belly, well that is just plain rubbish. The answer you are looking for is interval training also known as sprint training and that will get you very lean with a proper food plan but if you continue to eat crap foods then you wont see much difference.
Circuit training also works very well. The key is to get heart rate up to a near max then ease off till you can breathe then go again. It lasts around 20 - 30 minutes.