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What is Being Happy in America?


What does the typical American regard as happiness? Is the state of mind of the guys in the picture the goal of Americans?


Perhaps for some.

For me: Doing what I love, sharing my life with my wife and son.


^this +

Having good long term friends and spending a day on the lake or in the woods. It blows my mind that I have friends that I have known for forty years.


Yep...A friend of mines roomate heard him setting up a party on his farm for the long weekend and couldn't believe some of the people he invited he's known since grade three were going. His roomemate was shocked that he still kept in touch and saw these friends on a regular basis. Apparently this is rare.


All of my friends are from college or later.


Big screen TVs, blunts, 40s, and bitches.


ten million dollars and a girlfriend with big titties.

if i ever got sad i would just look at my girlfriend's boobs or my bank statement and then i wouldn't be sad anymore.


One of my closets friends I've known since kindergarten (I'm 46). At least four others I've known since I was twelve. It varies how much I see them, but it's a great feeling to know you can not see someone for months and when you do see them it is like you spoke yesterday.


I agree with everything everyone has said so far in the thread.



Boats and hoes.


Getting up in the morning, going to bed at night, and in between, doing whatever the fuck I want to do.