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what is Androsol..........

Can someone please tell me what it is and is it a legal supplement?

uhhh…c’mon man. click on prev issues to your left and click on supplement roundup, there’ll be some info there. You can go to the biotest store and read more about it there too. and yes, its legal.

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Are you serious? READ!

Are you serious dude? Why don’t you try reading. Do a search for Androsol on this site’s search engine. Here, I’ll get you started: Androsol is a transdermal prohormone. That’s all the help you’ll get from me, now READ!

Hit the “Mag-10” block in the upper left corner AND/OR put “Androsol” in the MAIN PAGE search , then click a “Behind the Scenes” by Tim Patterson, and you’ll find a load of information. Hope this helps!

NO, I will not tell you, nor should anyone else because you take the time to put a post like this, yet you won’t take the time to do a search on it, or better yet go to the biotest store online and read about it.

can some one tell me why this guy cant use any of the search engines on this site or on the internet?

Go to the actual magazine (not the forum) and do a search for androsol or read the supplement roundup article or go to biotestonline.com and start there. At the biotest store there should be links to a couple of articles. Basically androsol is a topical delivery system of 4-androstendiol. It is legal in the US, but I’m not sure about other countries.

You came to the right place - just look around