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What is an Empty Stomach?

Aloha all,
Just wondering what you all think an “empty stomach” is, relative to supplements whose recommendation is to take them during this time. For example, if one is taking supplements before breakfast, how long should one wait before eating? Indeed, does this even matter that much relative to absorption?

when my tummy growls, that’s an empty stomach! liquid food like protein shake tend to go through quickly as opposed to solid foods so thats why I try to eat more solid food than liquid food to keep my hunger in check otherwise i’d go straight to fast food resturant rather than go home and cook food.

when the doodoo stops flowing. i usually consume fiberous foods and salads at night so my first dump of the morning sometimes hits me in a 3-fold process. First the initial pain, then the breakthrough, and finally the continuous flow. Any left overs sneak up on me when I am in morning gridlock and have to use my inner-muscles to keep it in until I can get to work.

That’s basically empty…of course there is colon-izing.

Ask Mary-Kate Olsen. (It’s just a joke people)

Actually, most of the time 30 min. prior to eating or 2 hours after eating are good guidelines.