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What is Active Release Techniques?

How does it differ from myofascial release? All I could find that actually dealt informatively with ART was its Wikipedia article (which is nominated for deletion), which says it focuses especially on the musculo-tendonus junction.

Are there any books on this modality? It seems to have little written information surrounding it despite how popular it seems both on this site and elsewhere.

In Active Release Therapy, as pressure is applied, movement is also employed. For example, pressure might be applied to a location on the shoulder while the arm is moved.

I don’t believe that is common, if used at all, in methods that are called myofascial release.

There may well be no books for the general public. zI don’t know. There is training for those wishing to be certified in it.

As for Wikipedia having their article on it nominated for deletion: For example, if I wrote an entry on anabolic steroids for Wikipedia, it would be attacked for needing references. However if someone else wrote the article and cited me as the reference, then it would be fine. Perhaps the fly that someone has in their soup is that there may be no book referenced and therefore statements are opinion and unsubstantiated.