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What is a Trump Stone/Axle?


There’s a comp in Waco which features a 300lb trump axle and a 270lb trump stone. Google doesn’t do me much good on this one. Has Anyone ever heard of or seen these implements?


I believe it’s related to the shape. Something about a toad stool or whatever.


Sounds like a pretty showy implement


If you lift those you could get the Donald’s beach body physique!


A man can dream.


It’s a reference to the biblical quote,
“Let he who has not raw dogged a porn star after the birth of his fifth child with his third wife cast the first stone.”


I’ll be doing this comp. Do you know Tommy Sharp or Ben Hayden? They both train at underground performance, the gym that’s putting this show on. Both guys are elite strongmen, although right now Ben is coming back from a pretty serious car accident from early this year.

Anyway. The trump implements are heavier implements that get you more points, if you can handle them. So like, you might have a 240 stone for reps over bar as your ‘regular implement’. And the trump stone might be 330. So, if you choose to do the 240 stone because you can’t lift the 330 stone, and you get 20 reps with it, that puts you behind the guy who can get 1 rep with the trump stone. 1 rep with the trump implement beats any amount of reps with the lighter weight.

Hope the explanation makes sense. This should be a really great show, I’m super excited about the events. I’ll be competing in the 200 class.


Nice man. I really want to do it, just trying to work out the logistics on the back end. Either way I’m prepping for it now. It’d be cool to see you out there.

Not sure if I’ve met Tommy, but I’ve met Ben in Houston & competed against him at 175 in 2017. He came in first & I third. Last I heard he was in rough shape, so I’m really happy to hear he’s well enough to compete again. Guy is as strong as he is nice.

That makes perfect sense, thanks. I’m thinking of reaching out to the promoters, maybe they’ll email me a pic of the implements so I can at least work to recreate the movements in training.


Great idea, especially at local contests where it’s not really possible to get the weights heavy enough to test the more advanced lifters while allowing the intermediate to get some reps as well.

I wish more contests would have this format (or press/dl medleys, stone series, etc. which due to ascending weight sorts out the strongest… but requires a lot more equipment to run).

Good for these meet directors, nice job.