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What is a Troll?


Sorry I have to ask but what the hell is a troll. I am new to internet forums but have spent a lot of time in gyms and have come across alot of different types of people. Are trolls like the people who come up to you and ask a 1000 stupid questins while you are trying to train and if you do take the time to be nice and talk with them about training or diet you see them the next week still doing stupid mistakes.There are also "posers" who act like BB but don't look like one or train like one.


this was actually quite an interesting read that covers most things. For me, its generally someone just trying to stir on purpose by asking a dumb-ass question or intentionally provoking someone else. Compared to the people at the gym who probably see your arms and want to find out how to get them (you massive bastard :slight_smile: ), internet trolls are a bit more annoying and self-serving IMO (in my opinion).


Thanks, I see it now.


If you wait long enough I'm sure this thread will definitely attract a few just as an example to you.


You called??



No you're not "jk"


Troll - short, little, often green, person that is ugly and starts crap with people who try and cross his bridge.


We have some professional trolls on these forums. Beware of HeadHunter.



Admitting it is the first step.


Correction: I am Headhunter, a person who loves to strike at the head during martial art competition. Spelling counts.

There are good trolls and bad trolls, OP. Bad trolls just want to piss off people. Good trolls like to bring up controversial topics to get good conversation going. Good trolls challenge presumptions. Socrates was a very famous troll, for example. Fortunately we no longer make trolls drink hemlock.


Are you a good troll or a bad troll, HH?

I expect your reply to be a literary masterpiece that will fill my soul with wisdom and joy.


This is also a term for a person who likes to eat a lot of dick. I could only imagine the horror on people's faces when you're striking at the head during competitions.


Question: What is a troll?

Answer: Yolked Up.





Go read some of the latest Article Discussion threads of you want some examples of bad trolls.


lol definitely sounds like a troll.




nice gunz


Let's make Sun Tzu proud, eh?

(1) The post above didn't piss you off. (2) You had to remember Socrates (I hope) and the circumstances of his death in Athens and how that all came about. (3) You now also thought of Sun Tzu and his philosophy of winning by not fighting.

I think this makes me a good troll.

For bad trolling, see Big Boss' post. It didn't encourage thinking, promoted juvenile insults, and was attempt to anger. It added nothing to the discussion. Excellent contrast.


A philosophical gatekeeper, if you will.

If Socrates was a real person then he was the most moral person who ever existed -- troll or not.