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What is a Token Lift?


I am planning to compete only with the Squat, i asked to the GPC and they told me i can do full Power and Just do a token bench and deadlift.
How does it work?
I do my 3 squat attempts and then Just lift the bar on bench and minimum weight on dl?
I dont care to bench or deadlift, i suck and i have fun doing squats





But why? are you injured or going for a record? No

So just balls up and give all 3 your best. Not one person will laugh if its low weight.


I train the bench but i am still too weak
And with deadlift i have form issues that i am working with and seems not going very well. Both sumo and conventional are painful to watch


Put your big man pants on and do your best - LOL. Trust me no one will laugh, in fact you might get help and tips from other lifters. Powerlifting is great that way.

I was having sumo trouble at one of my earlier meets. I was approached in the warm up room by Steve Scialpi who worked my deadlift form and fixed my sumo on the spot. Some time later I trained at his gym for a year and he put 60lbs on my sumo. Powerlifting is full of people like him. Just go to the meet and lift what you can, it will be obvious that you’re a beginner and you will find nothing but support.

Good luck


squat comes first in the comp, so if that’s all you want to do, just squat and go home, lol. Or squat and then take a seat in the audience. You don’t HAVE to do the bench or dl after. The only reason to even take those token lifts is if you want to register an official total, and I can’t imagine that this would be important to you, unless you’re setting a squat record of some sort in the context of full power.


Do what my friends and I did in 10th grade. Put an amount you know you can’t do on the bar, act like you are trying to lift it but don’t try, then say you got 5 pounds less when coach asks you.

Works amazing!