What is a T-Man/Vixen?

I hear so much talk of what it is to be a T-Man/Vixen but its all personal opinions; an unwritten law. Some people seem to think its all about fag bashing, fist fighting, loud mouthing, ranting and being generally violent and confrontational (these people think we’re not hardcore enough:). For others its more of a cerebral pursuit and for yet others its all about principles.
Perhaps there are a few issues Atomic Dog, which spring to mind or a certain post from “Cupcake” or someone else sum up for you what T-culture is.

Doing your best.

Honoring your commitments, both to yourself and to others.

Being honest, again, both with yourself and with others.

Being a good member of your “groups”: society, family, friends, whatever team you play on/work for.

Contributing something of value.

…I think that about sums it up for me.

Someone who does not worry about being thought a T-Man/Vixen by others. He knows if s/he is one.

Living as a real man or woman without being an asshole.

I truly believe it is about respecting yourself and others. Improving our bodies is one way of respecting ourselves. The old my body is my temple statement. (Here’s the church, here’s the steeple.)

Respecting others does not mean caring what they think about you, or having to grab your ankles at their request. But it does mean you shouldn’t expect this out of others either.

I think there is something about truth, justice, and the American way. Also running around in tights fighting crime might be part of it.

A good example would be that I would hold a door for a woman I didn’t know. This is respecting others. Then I check out her ass as she walks through the door. The is respecting myself.

Doing what’s right, even if it isn’t convenient or comfortable.

Standing up to injustice.

Being the best “you” you can possibly be.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas.

My Honor Is My Life.

To me, bashing other people, being loud and arrogant, being a constant wiseass and a thorn in someone’s side is not a sign of strength, it’s weakness defined.

Treating yourself and others with honesty, integrity, and respect, and asking for nothing more in return, always giving it everything you have, and always standing up for yourself, your family, and your friends.