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What is a Snatch Grip?


I've been searchig through T-Nation to find out exactly what a Snatch Grip is, but I can't seem to find anything. Can someone help me out??


Depends on the mood...

Ask Vegita, I'm sure he has a special grip for snatches. :slightly_smiling:


Its a wide grip. What is used when performing the "Snatch". The width depends on how long your arms are, but its usually quite wide, maybe 2-3 inches from the ends.


I'm sure he does, but I doubt it will help me out much in the deadlifts I'm trying to do.


Set your snatch grip width by measuring from the outside of one shoulder to the knuckles of your outstretched arm while making a fist. This is the inside distance between hands on your snatch grip. (just a guideline/starting point)

This usually falls at 1-3 finger widths outside the last set of rings on an olympic bar.


Here's a picture.


Alright, awesome. Thanks for all the help, guys. This clears it up.


another part to a snatch grip is that it is not only very wide, but also the thumb often overlaps the index and middle finger to help "lock" the grip during heavy lifts.




hahaha, love the connection there


Snatch grip is a seriously wide grip. Should only be used for the snatch, however most gym trainers use it to bench , chin, or pull because it reduces the distance they have to move the bar, therefore allowing them to stack more plates on and look like they are really strong.

The worst thing is these people don't realise the strain on their rotator cuffs this has and will totally fuck their shoulders up in 10 years... but you can't tell them that!


Wow. The reason I wanted to learn what the grip is, is because Mike Robertson uses Snatch-grip Deadlifts in the exercise program outlined in Neanderthal No More (Part IV). Seeing as how he addresses other exercises meant to strengthen the rotator cuff in the series, I can't understand why he would recommend a training method that would be detrimental ... unless his intent was to perform them unloaded or lightly loaded.

You mentioned that meatheads like to use the grip to appear strong in the gym by stacking more plates. Is this the source of rotator cuff damage you were talking about? Can I safely use snatch-grip deadlifts moderately loaded for lower body training without risking shoulder injury?


He was being sarcastic in reference to people you use ultra-wide grips for bench press.

A snatch grip for deadlift is a great exercise for you back and will help in redressing counter-acting the forces of chest muscles causing a hunch back.

Snatch away!