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What is a Safe or Optimal RBC Range?

On every cycle my Red Blood Cell Count always increases past the upper limit on my blood tests. I donate blood after a cycle to bring it back down. But how high is too high? At what point should I worry? Having a higher RBC increases performance, but it also thickens the blood and increases chances for other cardiovascular problems. The ranges given in the blood tests don’t necessarily reflect what is optimum or what is dangerous, but what is normal/typical and therefore when exceeded an indicator of a possible condition that should be medically looked into. Any one have any insight on this? For reference I just finished a cycle and my RBC was 5.86 with a range of 4.14-5.80.

slitly above is optimal and safe. You’re at optimal level. You want to more oxygen to be delived, but you don’t want to have too dense blood, stroke, heart attack, etc…