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What is a respectable arm size

I’ve been wondering what you all think is a “respectable” arm size. And, do you think that this concept is dependent on the guy’s height? For instance, say you have one guy who’s 5’7" and has 17 inch arms (I’m pulling this number out of thin air, so please no flames if it’s not big enough), and another guy who’s 6’2" with 17 inch arms. Are they equally impressive, or does the shorter guy get more props for his size? Just curious…

It depends on your body fat %. A 16 inch ripped arm looks a lot better than a 17 inch arm with higher body fat. Heck i know people with 19 inch arms that look nowhere near that measurement. Its because their body fat is high.

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i think arm-size-impressiveness is height dependent when you look at it that way. most cases, a 5’7" dude is narrower in the shoulders, which will make his arms look huge in a double biceps shot. but a 6’2" guy’s arm is a lot longer and his shoulders are wider, which make his arm look smaller in comparison. i’m 6’2" with an 18" arm, and i bet i’d need about a 20" arm to even come close to ‘looking’ as big as the 5’7", 17" arm. there’s just a lot more bone lenght from shoulder to elbow on a tall guy, needing more muscle. the same can be said about legs. it’s not necessarily harder for the tall guy to gain weight at the same rate as a shorter guy, but once he packs on the muscle, he’s a giant. there’s just a ton of pro’s and con’s to being either a tall bodybuilder or a short one. i’ve been leaning out the past 14 weeks and i think my arms look puny now.

and on a taller guy, that 16 inch are is more impressive.

If you are after look, tha it would be arm height in relationship to forearm height. That is the distance from the top of the bicep to the bottom of the tricep vs. the distance from the eblow to the top of the wrist.
However, if you want an accurate measure of how well you are doing. See if you are over 2.5 x your wrist measurement, while lean.
Remember, It is all about you training not anyone elses.
Best of Luck.

This question is very subjective. If you want to talk average, 13" arm is average for men. 14" is good, 15" is really good, generally only reached with lifting, though some with extraordinary natural muscle may be this big. 16" is getting into serious “bodybuilder territory” and some men may even max out around here. 17+ is great, and a major accomplishment to reach naturally. Keep in mind these are MUSCLE measurements assuming little or no fat.

I am 6’1 or so with 16" guns which look pretty big on me.

My best friend is around 5’11" and ahs smaller arms than me but is very ripped and he looks good too.

Its all what you are going for goal wise!

I’m 6’ 200lbs - 9-10%bf
My bis are 16.5 pumped and 15.5 cold. I feel I have maxed out “naturally” for arm size. Another cold inch would be about as big as I’d want them.

It all has to do with bodyfat. I am 5’9" , 160 pounds and have a 16 inch arm. People often are shocked when I tell them how much I weight.You always look bigger when you are lean with your shirt off.

I’m sure this is a silly question that has been answered before, but when someone is talking about arm size, is it standard practice to quote one’s unflexed measurement or do they mean flexed?

They are referring to a flexed muscle. Most people use cold measurements which means you measure them when you are not working out or a few hours after working out. And pumped means while you are working out. Use cold measurements for reference though.

I’m also 5’9 and 160# 7%body fat,I have 17 inch arms. I’d like to know a few of your other measurements just to see how I’m sizeing up, and some of your 1rm. my 1rm for flat bench is 300#1rm standing curl is 145# squats I haven’t done a 1rm I do 450# 6 sets of 10. By the way your right, people freak when I say I weigh 160,they say man I figurged you to be 185-190.

stingray–i get the same “surprise” when i tell people my weight (180 now), ive gotten up to “i thought you were about 205!” as for the short guy/tall guy thing, i think this is similar to the bodybuilder “waddle.” my buddy has 27 inch legs (or close to), is about 6’1, yet walks normally. then there is a guy at my gym who is 5’6, also has about 27 inch legs, yet has the “waddle” going on.

Okay, a question for those guys out there with the “waddle”. After your legs get to a certain size, does it ever start really bothering you “boys”, as large legs apply a lot of pressure to that area. My legs are just under 27’’ at 6’2’’, and it often causes pain if I happen to sleep on my side or during running, so I know all of you guys out there with larger legs have to be experiencing the same thing, if not worse.

i dont have a problem with squishing my nuts when i walk, but at times i get really bad inner thigh chaffing. i think that the “waddle” doesnt have anything to do with skin touching. the bigger your legs get, obviously the wider your walking stride will become, hence the appearance of the “waddle.” i guess you just notice it more in shorter guys, b/c we (yes, im a shorter guy) have shorter strides to begin with. if someone knows about/has witnessed something similar, or different, i would be interested in your observations.

Stingray you must be a genetic freak when it comes to arms. I’m 5’7 at 160(10%) and I have 15 1/2 arms. Most guys with 17 inch arms are close to 200 pounds.

stingray , thats impressive I have been lifting for about 10 years now, finally within the last 2 years I’ve learned that diet is the key to really changing your body. I think my best bench ever was 275, never hit the 300 mark (dame it). I will have to say that my legs need help, although I can sqaut a little over 300 without a belt. Also I do get compliments on my traps. My old man is 55 years old and he weights around 165, 5’8 and can bench press 315, he won a couple of trophys for his age class.

I just measured my arms and I am a little over 17", and by the way I only weigh 165 pnds at 5’7… I never feel my arms are big enough. If anything I though they were too cut up. What other measurements do you keepo regularly? I think I need to start. Thanks.

What’s the standard way to measure legs? What stance, what point on the leg, etc…? Cheers.

The taller you are, the more size you need to look impressive. A 16" arm on a 6’3" guy just doesn’t look that big. Body composition is a huge factor as well. I would take a set of ripped 16" guns anyday over the what I have right now. Big arms on a fat guy look like canned hams.

Chaffing is another issue. Have any of you switched kinds of underwear to prevent it? To boxers, boxer-briefs, or briefs?