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What is a Recommended Clen Cycle?

I am overweight but have been losing weight with a keto diet. I also started jogging 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes.

I would like an extra boost to help shed the weight off even faster and I am thinking of getting started on clen.

What is a good clen cycle I can follow? Anything else I should take together with the clen?

I like 14 days. Dose in a pyramid. 10,20,40,60,80,100,120,140,120,100, 80,60,40,20
20mcg/day 1, 40mcg day 2 take in two doses 10mcg breakfast, 10mcg pre-workout, up to 140mcg divided 3 times a day. breakfast, pre-workout, post-workout.
NOTE: If you start having heart issues DON’T up your dose back off 1 lvl and hold that until it is time to taper off.
I know clear as mud, right? haha

“Anything else I should take”
If you are not injecting T don’t taking anything that supresses your natural T.
Something I like taking all the time (on gymdays) Cardarine (GW-501516) Before breakfast.
It really increases my endurance on heavy lift days.

Cardarine may also have a positive impact on the heart and blood vessels. A study done on mice showed that a small dose of Endurobol reduced damage done to tissue in arteries. … Unlike with Testolone, GW501516 will not have any impact on your testosterone levels , which mean it does not require a PCT.Dec 18, 2018

What do you guys think about this Clen cycle?

I would divide the dose to 3 during the day when taking higher amounts.

Day 1 = 10mcg
Day 2 = 20mcg
Day 3 = 40mcg
Day 4 = 60mcg
Day 5 = 80mcg
Day 6 = 100mcg
Day 7 = 120mcg
Day 8 = 120mcg
Day 9 = 120mcg
Day 10 = 140mcg
Day 11 = 140mcg
Day 12 = 140mcg
Day 13 = 120mcg
Day 14 = 120mcg
Day 15 = 120mcg
Day 16 = 100mcg
Day 17 = 80mcg
Day 18 = 60mcg
Day 19 = 40mcg
Day 20 = 20mcg
Day 21 = 10mcg

I think that looks like a good recipe for disaster mate.

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I think it’s too long, especially at those doses, for someone who has never taken it before and has no clue how their body will react. Take it for two weeks, see how it goes, then stop it for two weeks. You can always run it again for another two week stint.

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Thanks I will try two weeks. What should be a maximum dose for a first time clen user?

I changed it a bit to be max 100mcg. If I cant take that much I will stop at 80mcg. It will depend how I am feeling.

Day 1 = 20mcg
Day 2 = 40mcg
Day 3 = 60mcg
Day 4 = 80mcg
Day 5 = 100mcg
Day 6 = 100mcg
Day 7 = 120mcg
Day 8 = 120mcg
Day 9 = 100mcg
Day 10 = 100mcg
Day 11 = 80mcg
Day 12 = 60mcg
Day 13 = 40mcg
Day 14 = 20mcg

How overweight are you?

Need to lose about 30lbs to reach my prime weight. Currently 195lbs.

I know you’ll do whatever you want mate, but if you’ve got your diet in check and you’re losing weight consistently as you are, then I really couldn’t fuck with clen for the sake of speeding the process up.

Thanks I am losing weight but it has really slowed. I am 36 years old.

And how tall are you?

I presume you’re tracking calories only rather than macros?

If your weight loss is slowing slighty then you need to adjust to compensate; lower the calories or increase the cardio

I can start jogging twice daily instead of once. I am only eating 1200 calories per day. Low carb diet.

No bro. Back to basics for you. Please research proper nutrition and exercise. Get Clen out of your head

If you are genuinely eating 1200 calories and start popping clen, you’re going to find yourself in a world of pain.

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Keto diet is garbage and not healthy at all.

Clen doesn’t drop tons of fat or suddenly make you start losing fat if you have stalled for some reason.

I suggest you find a way to start eating normally focus on building more lean muscle which in turn will increase the amount of calories you burn in a day thus leading to fat loss.


I read the rest of your post, honestly, I have to agree with the rest. Steer clear for now. Clen is not good for anyone, and should only be used in very specific situations. You have a lot left to lose before considering any drugs.

Do you lift weights? Once initial weight loss slows down for heavier folks, it’s really time to switch it up and begin weight training. You will build muscle, burn fat, and your body will burn more calories with the added muscle mass. You may find out you don’t even want to be at 195 because you look better with newly gained muscle.

Clen is for lower body fat folks who are looking to cut more for specific situations like competitions. It’s not for an average person looking to just lose weight by running. Please reconsider.

Stop the keto, ease back into carbs, weight train 4-5 days a week, and hit cardio still.

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I do agree with Zeek here. Your diet is kind of messed up. Starving yourself is not the way to go.
That can lead to binge eating and weak moments.
I’m 5’9" and I weighed 265 ten years ago. You just need to clean up the diet. No bread no cheese, no sugar meaning no coke or pepsi, no french fries. The older you get the more carb will really kill you.

As for Clen. I love it. I have never had any issue with it but I am careful and experimented a lot with doses so I would not get the bad side many folks talk about.

Clen is a child’s asthma medicine, Nothing more. It’s not an AAS. If you overdose it like many do it can fuck you up to the point of causing a heart attack.

But if you are smart and learn how to use it it can really help in the gym by opening up your lungs so you can take more air in. More air means more power and more reps. This can be done with a very low dose that could be taken year-round. No cycling required. Given enough time, and I am talking 6 months or more, you will increase your muscle mass and lose some weight.

Going higher in the dose is where it can get tricky but again be smart go slow and learn what your body can take. If you plan to do a few cycles just be careful and go slow. Every time you do a new cycle you will learn more. Anyway, I get off my soap box.

Just like anastrozole many guys did not know how to use it and crashed their E2 now they preach how bad it is. Clen is the same. Its a tool learn how to use it the right way and your gains will improve.