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What Is A "Raw" Squat?


I have powerlifted with gear before(single ply squat suit 20 years ago) but what is allowed in a raw meet. I have been doing my squats with no belt, no wraps and no suit of course for the last 5 years. Today I did 455/465/475 for 4 reps. Since I have no video camera I am not sure about depth but if I am high it is not by much. I weigh about 192 but could cut to 181 with not much effort.


RAW feds us belt only, no wraps.


I don't know if it is true in EVERY fed but a lot of the raw squatting I've seen does allow knee wraps. Maybe it depends on the fed but allowing knee wraps makes sense to protect the knees. But suits and briefs aren't allowed.


Usually a "raw" powerlifting meet is one where you're able to use a belt and wrist and/or knee wraps, but not a powerlifting suit. Of course lifting straps are not allowed. Some people choose raw meets because the winner of the meet isn't decided based on what person can buy the most expensive powerlifting suit and powerlifting equipment to artificially increase their lifts.


haha...is this where you talk about your "friend" but he's really you? I already consider you views silly, you don't have to make a fool out of yourself in the stating of them.

Also call me crazy, but I don't think PL knee wraps are the best thing for your knees.