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What Is a Program?

When it comes to developing a program, what are the necessities? You (Coach) stated, in another thread, that it was a collection of exercises and not a program. While I agree, I don’t know what constitutes a program.

We need to know the exercises, reps, sets, and how often a week you do them, but what else?

It depends… some people like to include tons of details like tempo, rest intervals and the likes.

At the minimum it should have enough information that someone who picks up your “program” can do it and it would be pretty much exactly what you had in mind when you wrote it,

I think that it needs to include…

Workout structure (how are the exercises organized… order, combinations, etc.)
Loading parameters (sets/reps/load)
Information about how the reps are done
At least a broad idea of the rest intervals

Some coaches include more details, but I feel that this is a minimum

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That’s barely a program and more a routine. Many online coaches/trainers charge good money for what is basically exercise selection while there great free stuff here on T-Nation.

IMO a program should be put together on solid training principles with progression built into the program itself vs “if it feels good go up in weight” or something similar.