What is a PL & OL Workout Like?

What is a powerlifting/Olympic lifting workout generally like? I know they train hard but do most power lifters do high reps, do they use max weight when lifting? Also do they do anything that isnt compound movement…like what were some of Dave Gulledge workouts?

the same for Olympic lifting.

There are as many ways to w/o for PLing and Oly lifting as there are lifters really just start looking you have handfuls of such ppl right here on this site keeping logs.


olympic lifters generally (as far as I know from my friend on the oly team @ FDU) never go over 6 reps in training, and thats usually for some form of squats or overhead press’s.

You’ll see powerlifters doing tons of different rep schemes. Max effort work is usually 1-3 reps, Dynamic as well. Repetition work can be from 3-15 or so.

As for isolation movements, for powerlifters, pre-habilitation work generally will be isolation, like tricep pushdowns, front/side/rear raises for shoulders, plate curls for hamstrings.

I know my olympic lifter friend does Russian Arm Bends (aka curls) so that his triceps don’t overpower his biceps and tear his elbow off.

note : this is my view on it, and nothing more.

Olympic lifting workout

snatch, 6-12 sets of 1-3 reps

C&J, 6-12 sets 1-3 reps

front squat, 5-10 sets, 1-5 reps

this is a basic workout template, if using the lower reps use the higher sets and vice versa. repeat until you are lifting huge weights.

Check out the OL workout programs on this page:

Many powerlifters would do similar stuff with the three powerlifts as the focus. Given that they are lifting heavier, they might cut the volume back a bit.

A basic linear progression powerlifting program starts with higher volume and lower intensity, then gradually decreases the volume and increases the intensity leading up to a meet. However, there are many more complicated approaches that try to build all three aspects of effective lifting (strength, speed and technique) at the same time.

Read Louis Simmon’s articles at www.westside-barbell.com. It takes quite a few re-readings to get the strategy behind their training methods and how you can apply it, but the articles really give you a sense of the fortitude you have to develop and the satisfaction with the results you get from these kinds of workouts.