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What Is A Newbie

Often on this board, some guy will ask one of those “What supplement will get my Hyooge?” questions, at which point they will get the “obligatory” flame. In retaliation for a bruised ego and wounded pride, many will begin to tell you how old they are, the old time bodybuilders they know, their certifications, their years in the gym, or their knowledge of nutrition and workouts, blah, blah blah…

My contention is that a “newbie” is not a person of a certain age or even experience…it’s more a person of a certain level of knowledge. In reality, we all are “newbies” to a certain degree; I certainly am still learning a lot.

But there appears to be a certain knowledge “base” or “fundamental knowledge”, if you may, that one needs in any field or endeavor. It is that basic knowledge (or lack thereof) that probably makes one a “newbie”…not their age or years in the gym.

Any thoughts?

Agreed. And have you noticed that when some newbies are told what they’re doing wrong, instead of being thankful they get pissed off and defensive?

“I eat fried chicken every day, is that bad for me?”

“Yes, the chicken is fine but frying is bad.”

“Well I like it and I’m huge and ripped so fuck you and Berardi and the Pope, you flamer!!!”

What’s up with that? If you don’t want to know the truth, stick to Muscle and Fiction and skip T-mag and its forum.

Man…That’s deeep.

I also agree. But TEK - man, you’re so right. Frustrating, indeed.

You must be a newbie. Just kidding! Actually, I don’t recall anyone ever saying a newbie was this or that. A newbie is just someone who, like you said, just lacks that minimum required knowledge base that would be commonly found amongst the majority in that particular community (e.g. T-mag).

We keep seeing the “which routine/diet/supp, will work for me” and no information about the poster,this happens with old and young lifters. This is the sign of a newbie. Someone with experience who has a question will provide the info, because they know that we cannot help without it. So if you have a question give us some information about yourself, that is if you want help.

I hate to sound elitist, but I think that there’s an IQ requirement too - not that it’s all that high. Without a certain amount of grey matter functioning correctly, you’re doomed to newbieness forever. And some of the questions indicate this…

I think you have to diffrentiate being a newbie to lifting, etc and being a newbie on this board. I lifted for years, and made some great gains, and made some lifts I could not equal now. All without knowing anything about nutrition, supps, etc. There are a lot of big SOBs that just go out to the garage and pound the iron a few times a week. They wouldn’t understand much of what is discussed here ( hell, I don’t understand some of it ) but I don’t think that makes them a newbie.