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What is a Minimalist Approach with Max Results?

Oh for sure, I remember reading about how intense the workouts are. Sorry; when I say rest periods, I was referring to between WORKOUTS, not between sets (hence my “once a week” comment).

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I thought the workouts were like 8-10 exercises of like 3 sets of 8-12 reps? It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve read it/tried it, but 27 minutes to complete one of those workouts seems craaaaaazy.

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Pretty rare to do more than 1 set with HIT. It was usually 1 big set taken to extreme failure (forced reps, strip sets, rest pause, etc).


Secret Ingredient. Nautilus CAM. Accommodating Resistance!


I think the Colorado experiment was done every other day or 14 workouts in 28 days. I think Darden’s was 3x per week. Don’t have the book on me at work to verify. I’m thinking it was Metzner or Platz that suggested once per week in his book from the 80’s… I think.

Could very well be. HIT went into crazy branching paths, haha.

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I only skimmed through the posts but I did see Dan John and Jim Wendler in there. Either of the two are the epitome of simple with max results. As long as you stick to the program and think about the long term. Here’s something with both of their thinking into one program. Best of both worlds right?

I personally run this every summer (as I’m primarily a surfer and waves suck during the summer so thats my “bulking” season.) And I always get more quality mass and my work capacity gets way better.

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Ah, I’m probably misremembering.

Depends how many session and how much time you have for the week? Other factors are your expectations and your training for sport.

I would use the following exercises scheduled into 2-3 sessions:
squat variation, dips, pull-ups, bench press, overhead pressing, deadlift variation, curls for the girls and a bunch of bodyweight stuff thrown into the mix as well.


A relentlessly brutal program.

2 of the hardest programs I’ve ever done were Dan John’s. He lulls you in with his writing style then unleasss hell on your body.

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The Doug McGuff Big 5 Workout. Try it, and see if you can handle more.