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What Is 'A Lot of Food?'


My recent trip to Perkins got me baffled. I ordered an omelet double the size of what they normally serve (3 eggs) with double order of breakfast potatoes and hash browns. The waitress just stared and went "Are you sure????". Then when she picked up my empty plate, with disbelief she asked my friends if I REALLY ate that by myself. I know I'm skinny but-really? Is that a lot for average Joe these days?

So anyhow. I just wanted to see your guys experiences.
Meaning, when you ordered food or ate something you considered normal amount, only to find yourself under questioning from friends and/or strangers.

And also what do you personally consider "a lot" of food in one sitting for a particular person.


I ordered a 5 egg white veggie omlette once (honestly because I didn't have the money to order more) and the waitress said:
"Umm, how about 3 egg whites?"
"No, 5 egg whites"
"I really don't think you're going to finish more than 3 anyway, so you should just order 3"
"I ordered 5. 5 is cool, believe me"
"Ok, I'll give you 4 egg whites"
"No, I'll have 5 egg whites. I want 5 egg whites"
"Fine, have it your way"

I swear on this conversation. I was shocked that it actually happened and that she would be so rude as to tell me what I "wanted" or could handle. This is all beside the fact that she thinks 3 EGG WHITES are TOO MUCH. I felt like I was in the twilight zone.


LMAO what a dumb whore... give the people what they want damniT!

I think to much food is relative but if you can't hold your meal down because you had to puke you ate to much lol.


i just ate 4 chicken sliders wih sausage gravy, a breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, breakfast sausage and cheese, a portion of sweet potato fries, 2 chocolate chip strawberry filled pancakes, 3 scoops of ice cream with caramel sauce and almonds, and a chocolate milkshake to wash it down.

i'm only about 170lbs, so no, i wouldn't consider 3 egg whites with double potatoes and hash browns a lot of food to be eating.

i also know for sure that elusive is a good man for ridiculous refeeds after reading the carb cycling thread!


i typically order 4 or 5 eggs, and double bacon with hashbrowns for breakfast, is it alot? No. Is it more then the average Joe eats? absafuckinglutely!

Eatting alot for me is when I eat the entire pot of spaghetti in one sitting, with meat sauce of course.


5 pancakes. Tuna Melt. Fries. Mozorella Sticks.


This probably happened because she thought anyone who is sissy enough to order an egg white omelet probably can't eat more than 2 or 3 egg whites.


Ugh, not 3 egg whites! They normally make an omelet using 3 eggs. I doubled it. Just saying.....


What kind of places do you guys eat at? I get 5 eggs, 3 pieces of toast, bacon, and sausage and thats a normal serving at places like I hop. At a Diner year their serving sizes are tiny and everything has to be doubled.


I consider a large quantity of food to be whatever it takes for me to feel satiated. At fast food places like McDonalds, this is typically 7-8 of those grilled chicken wraps or around 4 bean burritos and 4 chicken burritos at Taco Bell. At almost all restaurants, it's either an entree sized salad with grilled chicken and then another entree. Otherwise, it will be two regular entrees. When at home, I'll cook up a dozen eggs (I'll keep out 2-3 yolks) and then eat about 6 slices of whole wheat toast and some oatmeal/protein pancakes.

Those breakfast places like IHop and so forth are never able to fill me up unless I order two of whatever they're selling and then scavenge some from the lady.


I've ordered 9 plates of Alaskan crab legs before and the waitress was like that's the most I've seen ordered. This was when I was 30 lbs lighter too. We then went and ate ice cream, and my ex had a few bites of hers and I finished that.

I can tear up some snow crab legs


If that was directed towards me, then I would like to clarify that mine was 6 whole eggs.

And what do you consider a lot of food in one sitting? Any funny/weird/awkward experiences?


It was directed at me. lol.

I have days where I eat only protein with trace amounts of carbs and fats, when leaning down. That story was from one of those days. Besides, the yolks are yucky.

/sarcasm, on last sentence.